Apparitions Among the Graveyard Skies


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DJL68 My death metal days are long behind me, but Orloff stands out pretty well. They manage to work up an effective, spooky atmosphere and have more going on songwise than just about every band in the genre. Favorite track: The Needful Revenge of Arthur Grimsdyke.
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Under a crimson deathshroud, ORLOFF rises from the grave! The debut album from these horror creatures has finally arrived, in the form of some of the most original, heavy, and atmospheric Death Metal ever recorded.

"Apparitions Among the Graveyard Skies" is 13 tracks of pure enthusiastic horror metal, utilizing creepy organ sounds mixed with evil and catchy riffs, and an unrelenting vocal assault straight out the abyss of hell itself. Let the ghastly sounds of ORLOFF satiate your hunger for utter morbidity!


released October 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Razorback Records Henderson, Kentucky

Razorback Records is an underground horror metal label owned & ran by husband and wife Billy and Vanessa Nocera.

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Track Name: Cobwebbed and Decayed
Cobwebbed and Decayed
Lyrics by: Waldemar de Marnac

The chimes of mourning
Remind you that you're dead
Rotting away slowly
Into the ground you walk

Undead being,
Zombified and decomposing
Cast out from existence
To forever crumble away

Cobwebbed and decayed
A shambling relic of putrid remains
Cobwebbed and decayed
Chewing on flesh to relieve your pains

From out of the mausoleum you lurk
Living off the victims you hunt and prey
Foolish mortals roam the cemetery at night
Now become your army after receiving your bite!
Track Name: Crimson Deathshroud
Crimson Deathshroud
Lyrics by: Waldemar de Marnac

Beheaded warlock from the past
Rising up from your dreadful coffin
From the seance you are reborn
Vengeful curse spreads across the land

Blood drinking sorcerer from beyond
Nefarious deeds of the damned
Sacrifices for the medieval murderess
Black magic tales and stories of the macabre

Remove the silver cross to unleash Hell
Waldemar shall live yet again
Countess Wandessa must be killed
Her evils sent back to the grave

Casket thrown into the lake
Hung out to burn in the sun
Thrust the stake into your own heart
The count crumbles to dust

From now on, you will be my faithful servant
and soon your master will be my slave

Under the crimson deathshroud of horrors from beyond the grave
Naschy lives forever...!
Track Name: House Where the Beast Dwells
House Where the Beast Dwells
Lyrics by: Alucarda Bellows

You hear something in your cellar
Feral pacing, a decaying dweller
You count each step as he creeps up the stairs
You gasp in horror at what's standing there

Rotted face, teeth exposed
One eye dangling, a missing nose
Shredded skin hanging off bones
Face to face, you're all alone

House Where the Beast Dwells!
Track Name: Count Orloff Has Risen from the Grave
Count Orloff Has Risen from the Grave
Lyrics by: Doctor Morgue

At midnight under a full moon red as spilled blood,
Unto a cemetery moldering amidst deconsecration,
A mysterious cult of worshipers have assembled
They would witness returned the horror of horrors...
The ghastly fiend of the charnel house...ORLOFF!
Hideous and grim, upon nightmares he verily feasts!
Those aspiring devotees would revel in his name
And with perverse debaucheries, the ritual begins!

A funeral pall falls across the already black night
And the bitter winds howl like restless phantoms
It is then that Orloff arises from Death's embrace,
Worms dripping from his long-ensanguined mouth
But he eyes those before him with utter contempt
Their spurious modernity offends his macabre taste
They then do shudder when he sneers upon them,
But swollen wineskins, waiting to be drained...!

Dreadful Count Orloff from his tomb rises...
The feeble horrors of the day he despises
Upon dilettantes and poseurs he shall feed
And spread black terror to fulfill his NEED!
Track Name: Thrall of the Death's Head
Thrall of the Death's Head
Lyrics by: Doctor Morgue

Christopher Maitland, scholar of the morbid and macabre
A collector of darkest curiosity, his appetite insatiable
To him is ushered the unknown in strange white bone...
The skull of that Marquis, savage and hateful...DeSade!
Too familiar and affeared, Phillips offers a warning, but...
His desire for the unnatural thing descends into obsession
Marco, the sordid procurer, consumed by utter nightmare,
Maitland must possess the skull or will it possess him?

Maitland's compulsion sated by horrors, the skull is his!
Although into his cabinet of dread curiosa is it committed,
At midnight, before black candles and pentagram appears
He cannot resist the spell of that unholy charnel relic...
Phillips is sacrificed with Baalberith, an offering to DeSade!
Ravenous, the skull would then see ravaged his sleeping bride
With Blackbeard's dagger, Maitland defies the loathsome thing,
But the accursed death's head flies out to drag him to Hell!

From out of cruelty and perversion, the Skull calls...
Hungry for the lurid forbidden, the Skull calls...
Lusting for blackest murder, the Skull calls...
In the name of Sadism...The Skull calls!
Track Name: Nine Eternities in Doom
Nine Eternities in Doom
Lyrics by: Waldemar de Marnac

Dr. Phibes back from the dead for revenge
With nine diabolical curses he will kill!

Bees, bats, beasts, blood
Frogs, hail, locusts, darkness...DEATH!

Biblical plagues blanket the victims
Dr. Phibes plays his organ in victory
Track Name: Paralyzed Entities
Paralyzed Entities
Lyrics by: Waldemar de Marnac

Spirits of the damned, assemble on this night
apparitions among the graveyard skies
Fiendish souls who brought death in life
their emanations reek of sin

Paralyzed Entities
Frozen evil is hell on earth
Paralyzed Entities
contain ungodly souls for all their worth
Paralyzed Entities
No longer free to roam this world
Paralyzed Entities
Now the real horror shall begin...

Maniacal human plans the ultimate evil to harness the tainted essence
Words spoken from ancient parchment shall trap the energy within his flesh!
Track Name: The Needful Revenge of Arthur Grimsdyke
The Needful Revenge of Arthur Grimsdyke
Lyrics by: Alucarda Bellows

A mournful man lives alone with his memories
A reclusive soul, he wants nothing but peace
But the greedy ones want him out of their sight
They plan his demise on a blackened night

His humble abode is, to them, a disgrace
They don't care about the sadness he has faced
But they will soon find they should not have killed him

From his grave he ascends
Rotted heart from the hatred
He lurks and preys

His rotting corpse drags down memorable paths
Leading to the one who will receive his wrath
His victim hears a strange noise stirring in the dark
Emerging from the darkness, Grimsdyke rips out his heart

A deadly poem scribbled in his enemy's blood
Now his needful revenge is fulfilled and done

The legend of Arthur Grimsdyke
The revenge of Arthur Grimsdyke
He will come back from his grave
He will come back to avenge his name!
Track Name: Chamber of Chills
Chamber of Chills
Lyrics by: Alucarda Bellows

Gravedigger, dead eyes
Open wide, staring cold

It's lonely in the grave
Candles lit, her body lay
The graverobber hammering the coffin lid

The dead woman's eyes stared him through
Buried in the cemetery, the ghost would soon return
With ice cold fingers

Before his terror-laden eyes
He saw the dead rise!
Track Name: Master of the Morbid
Mater of the Morbid
Lyrics by: Doctor Morgue

I, Ronald Wyatt, am a collector of darkest curiosa
But it is that master of the macabre I do worship...
Father of the Raven and Lord of the Worm...POE!
But it is to Canning whom I must bow with utter envy
Before his treasures of Poe's immortal terrors, I drool
It is to my surprise, then, that I receive his invitation...
To visit his ghastly fancy-weltered home in Maryland
And his infamous collection of the one and only Poe...

Amidst that house of Poe's horrors, my mind reels...
But I shudder when hitherto unpublished tales I espy
Under drink, Canning his family's secrets does confess...
Grave robbing ... Blackest occultism ... Raising the dead...
Not simply artifacts had been collected but Poe himself!
Naught can stop my desperate search, not even Canning...
Unto a ritual chamber a mysterious door then ushers me
And, beyond, the Master do I behold with sublime dread...!

Possessed by the hunt for singular curiosity ...
Possessed by the hunger for utter morbidity ...
Possessed by the search for what the dead only know ...
Possessed by the horror of Edgar Allan Poe!