Back from the Funeral


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N2MB A supreme throwback to old school death metal. Revel in the unrefined aggression, gruesome growling and implacable promenade of the rhythm section. A horrifyingly splendiferous resurrection. Favorite track: Graveyard Shift.
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burkator Great classic Death Metal. Raw and not too fast or technical. "Brains" is my Favorite. The Vocals rule! Favorite track: Brains(I Must Eat Your Fucking Brains!).
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The long awaited 2nd album from MAUSOLEUM has finally arrived! “Back From the Funeral” is 9 tracks of true horror worshiping, zombiecult Death Metal with a non-modern sound full of dark and creepy atmosphere the way it was meant to be!

Death metal fans, horror fans, zombie fans… the undead undertakers known as MAUSOLEUM have returned for your brainsssss!!!


released October 25, 2011

Craig Stiles: Guitars
Rick "Slim" Boast: Drums and Vocals
Phil Newbaker: Guitars
Rob Yench: Bass

Recorded at The Funeral Home
Recorded and Engineered by Xul
Written and Produced by Mausoleum
Cover art by Daniel Devilish Johnsson

This recording is dedicated to the memory of Philip C. Newbaker V



all rights reserved


Razorback Records Henderson, Kentucky

Razorback Records is an underground horror metal label owned & ran by husband and wife Billy and Vanessa Nocera.

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Track Name: Doomed at the Desecrated Cemetery
Lyrics by: Rick Boast

Drunken teen fuckheads at the cemetery
Nowhere else to go, seems like a cool place to be
Knocking over headstones, spraying stupid graffiti
Pissing on the graves of the deceased
Digging up the earth on recent burial sites
Pulling off the skulls and ripping out their eyes
Toying with corpses all in fun in games
Desecrating the dead, for this they now will pay

Breaking into the crypt
Open the door with a smash
The curse is now upon them
Full scale zombie attack

Bursting from their tombs
On human flesh they will consume
Vengeance for desecrating the deceased
Reanimated dead are now unleashed
Attacking their ignorant guests
And eating the adolescent flesh
Carnage in the cursed tomb
The grave desecrators are now doomed

Screams of horror as the undead bloody massacre begins
The pain of broken, rotted teeth ripping through your fucking skin
Stomach split open on your blood, shit, and entrails they will feast
Only bones remain of the recently deceased

All are dead, but there is little left to bury
For those doomed at the desecrated cemetery
Track Name: Dead Walkers
Lyrics by: Rick Boast

Rescue stations quickly decline
There is only speculation
That the dead are in fact attacking the living
12 hours of mass hysteria and uncertain doom

Every dead body that is not exterminated will become one of them
It will get and kill,
the people it kills will reanimate and kill
They kill for one reason, they kill for food
They eat their victims, that's what keeps them going
You must kill them without emotion,
Kill what is not natural,
They are not your friend or family
The US government declares you may no longer obtain your home
and must fight to destroy the unliving
Destroy the brain with a blow to the head or sever the brain stem from the body
Self survival at the chopper by nine, Fuck the rest let them die

Swat team plowing through ni**ers and white trash
Shoot the zombie head and watch it explode with an insane laugh
Refuel the rescue chopper at a nearby station
Zombie's skullcap removed, propeller decapitation
Shelter is found at the Monroeville Mall
Hide from the world until all is resolved
Pure motorized instinct pale and white
Every one of them must be destroyed on sight

A bite too soon! The un-life inside waits!

The life you once knew is now gone
The armies that you've battled you now become
Track Name: Radioactive Ressurection
Lyrics by: Rob Yench

Mans worst fears arrive
In a polluted sky
Radiation sweeps the land
Black pass of death's hand
Brain decays from gamma rays
Motor skills are all that remain
Killing all the lived the same way
Horribly slow in torturous pain
Moaning in agony, too sick to scream or cry
Pestilence destroys what you once knew and you don't know the reason why
Women and children beg but we all fucking die the same
No chance, no cure, no hope
Poisoned from nuclear rain

Vomiting blood and guts
You stumble and you fall
Rebirth from a life once lived
Radioactive resurrection now begins
Skin bursts with puss and sores
Blood boils with toxic chemicals
Rotten flesh festers then melts away
Teeth and hair fall out
Body now depleted as you're shitting blood
Track Name: Raped Within the Casket
Lyrics by: Rick Boast

Looking through the obituaries
While I drool and masturbate
I must time my viewings perfectly
To molest my lifeless dates

Through the mortuary's back door
Disguised in my neatly, pressed suit
Make my way to my stiffened lover
Every orifice I will abuse

As their loved ones are dying
My necrophiliac life is thriving
Rape in a casket
Rape in a casket
Track Name: Brains(I Must Eat Your Fucking Brains!)
Lyrics by: Rick Boast

Lying on the slab while surgeons cut and probe
I feel the catheter in my cock as the oxygen tubes go up my nose
An IV in my arm and electric shock to my chest
They fight to save my life as I pray for my death

They cut and stitch what is left of my body
Probe and dissect the mutilated remains of me
Organs given to donors needing spare body parts
My body sent to the morgue on a stainless steel cart

Brains, Brains, Brains,
I must eat your fucking brains

Funeral is arranged, my body is in the ground
Final sleep upon me, no loved ones to be found
Weeks pass by in purgatory pain
I crave the brains of the living to make this pain go away

I awaken in the black of night
Dripping puss and Formaldehyde
My bones are brittle, my flesh decayed
Needing something to make this pain go away
I must eat brains

Feasting on the sweetbreads
From your gaping, open skull
Rancid salvation as I continuously gnaw
My hunger now satisfied, your flesh I no longer crave
Your skull an empty shell
I return to my grave

Brains, Brains, Brains,
I must eat your fucking brains
Track Name: Consumed by the Deceased
Lyrics by: Phil Newbaker

From the burial plots arise the masses
Rancid stench of death blanketing the earth
Caresses evoked from the darkness
Insects spewing from their mouths

The eyes of the dead are wide open
Stoned with a vacant stare
Stalking and hunting the living
Smelling the ripe flesh

Senseless to what they are doing
Pounds of carnage consumed by the deceased
Never satisfying their hunger
Until stripping off all of the raw meat

Finger nails long, hands shriveled up
Cracked, ice-cold skin
Heads cocked to the side, salivating from their mouths
Faces pulverized and sunken in
Reanimated corpses tearing flesh apart
Chewing on the innards, devouring the mortals

Roaming in packed compelled to kill
In the darkness they creep
The fate of all is sealed
Consumed by the deceased!!
Track Name: The Baron of Terror
Lyrics by: Rick Boast

Burned at the stake for practicing witchcraft
Boasting his return to life to fulfill his vengeful wrath

A comet hits the earth, a creature is spawn
From the back of the neck, the brains will be drawn

He knows who you are
He sees the past through your flesh
The torment of your ancestors shall be avenged
When the brainiac appears and sucks the contents from your head

Paralyzed in the trance of the barons hypnotic stare
Transforms from man to creature
Devours your wife's brains
While you're impaired you pay the ultimate price

For your forefathers mistakes
the disgusting two-pronged tongue will send you to your grave
Snacking on the stash of brains from the secret locked up chest
He avenges the final ancestor
Then welcomes a fiery death
Track Name: Back from the Funeral
Lyrics by: Rick Boast

Lying in this casket
I can't awaken from this morbid dream
I sense the awareness of those that surround me
Their pain and disbelief

Lowered into the ground, six feet down
Casket is submerged life returns

Rotting yet living
I awaken in darkness
I feel only rage and pain
Realizing I'm dead, I claw at the coffin
and begin my escape from the grave

Spasmodic movements spewing embalming fluids
Digging up through the earth through death I have rebirth

Animated without breath
No pulse within my chest
Stumbling through the cemetery
Final visit to my home to find my family alone
I will make them one with me

Force my way inside
Mutilate and cannibalize
Mutilating what was once my former life
My pain is now released
With a shotgun in my mouth
I now eternally sleep
Track Name: Graveyard Shift
Lyrics by: Rick Boast

I know the cemetery
I see the bodies rotten
I maintain the land
Where so many are forgotten
I see the mourner's faces when their loved ones laid to rest
I see the mangled corpses and feel the coldness of their flesh

My life must be death
I live at the graveyard
My wife long since dead and by my children I'm ignored
Year after year, living in this misery
I've finally found a way to make this a life for me

When the day turns to night
I roam through the graves
Endlessly fantasizing of their putrid decay
A final desecration for a life not worth living
Sexual gratification is what I will be getting

Searching for a fresh grave where a body is easily exhumed
Pillaging the casket for anything of value
I then remove the garments from the maiden laid to rest
Suckling the nipples on her stitched, caved-in chest
Vomiting as I lust in a sick, perverted rage
I see the maggots scurrying as I'm licking her rotting face

Her frail bones crack as teeth fall
While ramming my cock into her skull
My sexual urge grows with every sickening moment I indulge
Necrophilia lust replenishes my once lonesome soul
Making sure to violate every open wound and hole
This is my new life my real reason to stay alive
To be engulfed in pleasure between their rotting thighs
I am the old freak at the cemetery on which so many are amused
But they cannot point their finger and laugh when it's their body I exhume