Bringing Back the Bloodshed


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Jeremy I must have listened to this album every single day for nearly a year. Pique slasher metal.
Favorite track: Slayride.
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snappechat Album resumed in two words: FUCK YEAH Favorite track: Angela.
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MiddleIndex This album is amazing. I love old 80s slasher films and I love death/thrash metal. To have both mixed in to an album this good has me coming back for more year after year. Shame they never put out a follow up because they really nailed it with this record. This band is so unknown it's criminal, the members are in other bands but they haven't taken me the way bringing back the bloodshed has. Favorite track: They Were Warned.
Luke Kegley
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Luke Kegley A short-lived death/thrash/grind band that loved to combine two of the best things in the world: Metal and splatter/horror B-movies! Anyone who wants a nostalgia moment, this album is it! \m/ Favorite track: Angela.
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Two kids on a boat with their dad The life guard and some bitch pulling a water-skier. The kids push their dad in the water and the boat tips over. The teenagers aren't looking ahead Their boat smashes into the dad and his kids. The father is dead, who has survived? 8 Years have passed since the boat crash Cousins Ricky and Angela are off to camp Gone for the summer will they come back? The kids all arrive to camp Arawak Artie, the cook, likes what he sees Back where he's from they call them "baldies" Angela is shy and she doesn't speak Ronnie takes her to Artie to find something to eat. In the pantry, Artie's horny He wants to show Angela Something real good Ricky finds them, Artie tells him Not to say anything and keep his mouth shut. In the kitchen he's boiling water Somebody pulls the chair and he falls His flesh is burning he is screaming Blisters and burns all over his face Kenny and Leslie go for a boat ride Kenny tips over the boat and she leaves. The killer drowns Kenny in the lake They find his body, out of his mouth comes a snake. Meg and Judy give Angela shit They think she's a "freak", they call her a bitch. Judy says Angela's "a real carpenters dream" Flat as a board and needs a screw. Billy goes to take a shit The stall door is jammed shut The screen door above the stall is cut The bees are tossed right in. His face is covered in bees Death comes painfully Another kid has died Mel is freaking out! Angela and Paul go to the lake Paul tries to unbutton her shirt She relives a distant memory Brother and sister laugh 'Cause daddy's a faggot! Meg throws Angela into the lake Ricky tries to help but is stopped Mel thinks Ricky is the killer It's just to bad that Mel is Dead, Fucking, Wrong! Meg is off and has a date with Mel She's all excited about it and takes a shower A knife through the stall Goes into her back, her flesh is ripped Her blood flows down the drain. Eddie takes the boys out camping by the lake Angela tells Paul to meet her at the social A few of the boys want to go back to camp Eddie takes the kids and leaves the others alone. Mel is searching around for Meg Judy is at the cabin making out with Mike Mel finds Meg dead in the shower He goes crazy and looks for Ricky. Judy is curling her hair with an iron Someone comes in and punches her face The iron is hot, her pussy is wet Pillow on her face, she's fucked to death. Eddie goes back to camp and finds the kids Mangled and chopped, torn up and dead Mel finds Ricky and beats him to shit Then an arrow is shot right through his neck. Paul and Angela are at the water front Angela tells him to "take his clothes off" They find Ricky, beat up but still alive Ronny and Susie go look for Angela. Ronny hears singing close by Angela is sitting on the ground She remembers the past Aunt Martha forced "him" to be a "girl" Angela is really Peter Paul's severed head in her lap "She" gets up and starts to growl They cant believe it! "My god she's a boy!"
Kid out at night, splashing in puddles Jason walks, toward a house Alice is having a nightmare Flashbacks of that fateful night Awaken from her slumber then talk to mother In and out of the shower Open the fridge, Mrs. Voorhees Head Jason comes from behind and screws her The counselors come to town Crazy Ralph warns them He says they're all doomed But they don't give a shit They'll all soon know what "Camp Blood" is! It's training time for these fucks Paul is the boss He tells them about the legend And scares them half to death If they only knew How real this legend is Crazy Ralph is outside He's watching Paul and Ginny Jason from behind Strangles him with barbwire Sandra and Jeff Are curious about the legend They go to Crystal Lake And the Sheriff catches them He bitches Paul out And heads back to town Jason runs across the road The sheriff goes after him All through the woods Into Jason's shack Claw-hammer to the skull He's dead with a whack The counselors go to town Some stay behind Terri gets naked and goes into the lake Scott takes Terri's clothes And runs into the woods Booby trap set and he's hung into the woods Jason comes along And guts his fucking throat Terri finds Scott And Jason kills her too Vicky and Mark Are gonna have sex Vicky goes to her cabin To freshen up her shit [Digestor] I'm back from the lake To kill and mutilate I use various tools I'm disposing these fools In my rusty shack They beheaded my mother Now I must attack One by one they die They never know why Machete across the throat Barbwire I use to choke Mom's severed head Shrine to the dead Telling me to chop I will never stop Jeff and Sandra Up stairs to have sex Jason comes in and Impales them to the bed Perfume on her pussy Mark looks for Vicky Dull side of a machete Into his fucking face Wheeling down the stairs Mark you fucking gimp! You almost got some action But now you're fucking dead! Upstairs Vicky Finds the bodies Jason takes a knife And stabs her in the gut [Digestor chorus part repeat] Paul and Ginny arrive Back at camp They look for everyone But they're all dead Out of the shadows Jason's on the attack Ginny escapes and Finds Jason's shack In a room Mrs. Voorhees head Put on the sweater And pretend your mother She tries to kill him But he knows what's up Here comes Paul They struggle and fight Machete in the neck Jason falls onto the floor Come off the burlap sack They look in total horror They think he's dead and gone They couldn't be more wrong Back to the cabin To find Terri's dog Muffin Is everything ok? Can we all go home? No fucking way Here comes Jason through the window! Ending with a scream Was it all a dream? Calling out for Paul is he dead after all?
Donny Kohler likes to play with fire Incenerates at a job he hates Watches things and people burn Earns his asshole bosses scorn Just a henpecked mommas boy Lives in a big creepy house Finds his mother dead one night Then he cracks and goes insane Weeping,grieving,he hears voices whispering Listens to loud disco,then smokes a cig The voices tell him you can do whatever you want to Shes evil,must be purified,youre free and we are here now. Inferno,inside his head he contructs his own furnace room. To incenerate his victims and be one with the dead. Cruising the streets for a mark He picks up a broad at the flower store Cons her back into the house She wakes up suspended and chained to the floor Naked and screaming her please He douses her body with gasoline Flamethrower burns her alive She chars to a cinder as he gazes on Tormentore,he aches for more stupid bitch stuck on the side of the road Picks her up cuz she cant start her shitty 70s car Later,he goes to the store Kidnaps poor Linda the uppity whore She meets the mother now rotten and green Before being blackened and joining the family Donny starts losing his shit Screams at the corpse "You are all bitches!" Dreams of an open beach grave His zombified victims all pulling him into his doom Now Donny goes to church Lights a candle for his mom Steals holy water cuz he thinks it puts the fire out Priest feeds him bullshit Says sorry to his rotten mom Sprinkles holy water on her Calls his fag friend Bob He goes out,Buys a suit Disco fashion purchased from a total gaywad Meets his friend at the discotech He gets hit on by a chick in a red dress Donnys pissed,he wont dance Every swinging dick is hitting his broad She pulls him and flips his shit Candle smacks her head and bursts into flames He picks up two drunken chicks Its party time back at Donnys house Ties them up,all set to burn. But the priest and Bob come to fuck it all up The girls escape, but he fries the priest Then he congregates with all of his new family Now alive they come for him screaming murder He envelopes them in flames
Vacation to the mountains For adventure and escape Ignoring the warnings Was their biggest mistake Pig-squealing lunatics stalking Crazed demons making a bloody mess Hunting their ignorant prey in the Last desperate moment of darkness Skinny dipping, dancing and non stop fun Hulking monsters await who weigh over a ton Hiking, camping, oblivious to their doom This carefree romp turns into a wilderness-tomb Run, run, run for your life! The nightmare has begun Inbred maniacs attack and kill Your demise before the rising sun Forest ranger warned you Time to fill out the report This experience turns you into a savage Which is your only last resort Chorus: Beneath the awesome beauty of nature Lay violence, danger, and death They were warned..and now they will Breathe their last breath! Behind the spectacular waterfalls Lies terror, evil, and fright! They were warned...and they will Never survive the night! Chorus: Beneath the awesome beauty of nature Lay violence,danger,and death They were warned..and now they will Breathe their last breath! Behind the spectacular waterfalls Lies terror,evil,and fright! They were warned...and they will Never survive the night! Skinny dipping, dancing and non stop fun Hulking monsters await who weigh over a ton Hiking,camping,oblivious to their doom This carefree romp turns into a wilderness-tomb You're driven past the point of no return Never gave up no matter how many times you feel Broke free of the crushing bear hug Fist-choking the beast straight back to hell Cry out and struggle to survive Death! - The demon lives! A tale so shocking you will weep If only they could die in their sleep! Things will never be the same Unspeakable experience has made you gone insane Sun rises through the eerie silence You'll never forget the trauma and the pain Cry out and struggle to survive Death! - The demon lives! A tale so shocking you will weep If only they could die in their sleep!
It's Dads birthday Mom is making his cake Gonna clean his guns before he gets home "Happy birthday Daddy all cleaned by me!" I take a rifle out And wipe it down Ed points the gun And pulls the trigger It goes off and shoots his Mom, In the back Now she's dead What have you done Ed?! Your Dad is home He finds your Mom Lying in a pool of blood He smacks your face And grabs the gun You better fucking run! He drags her body In the other room Pour a glass of Jack And drinks away Your wife is dead Killed by your kid Accident or not He's got to pay! (Some day!) Year later Ed and his friends Are figuring our what to do Fall break is here They have no clue Then Ed's Dad calls with the news Out to the beach To Dad's house To close it up For the winter The door is open Liquor bottles empty But Daddies waiting close by! Ed shows them the trophy room The battle axe is missing Dad's in the garage passed out He has the axe in his hands He's dreaming of killing his son In various ways He wants revenge for His wife's death! That piece of shits Gotta pay! Mike and Linda Go to the garage Daddy sees them Then they walk on the beach And find a pool They go skinny dipping Linda's floating on her back When Ed's Dad attacks From underneath her He takes her body from The pool And takes their clothes Then Mike goes looking for her Leaving a trail of clothes For Mike to find They lead to the garage He thinks she's in the closet Open the door Here comes Dad Copping up Mike's guts With a boat motor! He screams and shouts While blood flies everywhere Hang him in the closet On a spike! The rest of them, Are on the beach A cop comes by to See what they're doing He says they could Be struck by lightning And then he's on his Merry way The cop finds, An abandoned car He goes looking around The house But here comes Dad Stabs him in the face Then chops his Head off with an axe By sword! By pick! By axe Bye bye! Cops head on a spike Hangs his torso up Ralph checks on Mike And Linda And goes into the garage Look in the closet Daddy rushed out Pitchfork through his neck Stick it into the door Hang that piece of shit high! Daddy gets his gaffe He's gonna kill some More fucks They go looking for The rest They all split up to look But Daddy's waiting by the House He grabs Sue by The neck Throws her on His work bench Put that gaffe in her pussy Rip that bitch open wide Blood and guts spilling out Chop off her head with Your axe! Ed and Pam Are out still looking for Everyone They go into the garage Pam touches Sue's corpse And her head falls off Ed goes to the closet And finds the hanging Corpses his Dad left rotting Pam throws a piece of metal And hits him in the head She stabs him with A knife In the car to get away But Dads on the roof Chopping with his axe Grabs Ed by the throat Pam burns his hand with A lighter The car starts Throwing Daddy Off the top He climbs on the back They back up Smash his body Into the bricks His guts fly out Here comes a cop Chop off his leg with an axe!
Drug-dealing neer-do-well Pimping hood pornographer realeased from prison A misanthrope vicious and perverse Blackhearted hatefucker Terry Hawkins? Vengence rising from speed and nihilism He wants you to make some films Some really weird films Do you want to be in terry's films? And be his virgin bride? Are they real? you bet your ass theyre real Terry is the answer. Oh yes Terry is the answer And he'll laugh and he'll laugh and he'll laugh? Welcome to terrys funhouse Abattoir-cum-set The last house on dead end street Meet terry and his family,cuckoo clocks of hell Coming down fast,whores for revenge Deathtrapping into the void The other side of the screen Your mortal coil unwound Suffering your only motivation Light and cameras and eyes without faces Sixteen-millimeter snuff Your immortal epitaph Surgical grotesqueries A banquet of obscenity Butchery and crulety Vivisection revelry Hacksaw amputation and sheer evisceration Your blooody offal used for terrys mis en scene Are you ready for your love scene Deer hoof fellatio? No crying and no screaming Keep your mind on the movie Delirium heralds oblivion and this oblivion knows no cut For there is no exit from the last house on dead end strett 999 years? No! There is no way off terrys set Terrys directing this fucking movie and your his star He'll show you. He'll show you what he can do Because terry is the answer Oh yes,terry is the answer Celluloid depravity Murder is the artistry Grainy gore,the faded colors Echoing screams haunt the mind Terrys madness,burns the image Violent death,forever ingrained The last house on dead end street The funhouse of horrors Cuckoo clocks of hell Terry Hawkins is the answer Terry Hawkins is the answer For there is no exit for the last house on dead end street 999 years? No! There is no way off terrys set Terrys directing this fucking movie and your his star He'll show you. He'll show you what he can do
Christmas eve, 1971, the family visits granddad at the nuthouse. Vegetative, he says not a word. Til the parents are gone,and he tells the kid: You know what happens on Christmas eve? He comes to town to punish the naughty. This is the scariest goddamn night of the year.You see Santa Clause, run for your life! With seeds wrought in cruel and traumatizing fear? The madness now begins to take its root. An evil thing lies coiled behind the tears. It waits to be awakened On the way home in the dark of night.His car blocks the road,he flags them down A murderous thief in the disguise of St.Nick Takes advantage of dad and puts a hole in his head Billy runs off and hides in the brush While the jolly attacker tried to rape his mom. He tears off her clothes. And she gets in a shot so he cuts her throat open in the eyes of her son. Hot blood, frantic tears soak into the snow? he ides in the darkness,now an orphan His parents, lie butchered there before him now? His hatred starts to grow. Now a ward of the state he calls the orphanage home Harbors images of death and crayon gore Prosecuted by the nuns, hypocritical evil cunts Whipped and punished for their sins? his fears Beat by the mother and tied to his bed. His tortured screams seem to fall on deaf ears Forced in the face of the man that he dreads. His nightmares give away a violent rage Now at 18, unleashed on the world. He takes up a job at a shitty toy store. His boss is a jerk,the owners a lush. Emotional stress from a cock-teasing whore. Then absurdity occurs,when he has to wear the suit. His person takes a turn for the worse Bastard children on his knife. He assumes the deadly role Whispered promises of wrath most severe A party on Christmas. Sims gets him drunk. The tease disappears with that cocksucker Andy He follows them into the stockroom to find most naughty perversion he must rectify. Strangles his boss with the colorful lights. Boxcuts the bitch from her guts to her tits and finally dispatches that old drunkard Sims? Spits the old bag with a toy bow and arrow Santa's watching? Santa's waiting? Fractured psyche contemplating Santa's stalking? Santa's slaying? Lock your doors and then start praying Linnea Quigly, tits so sweet,hangs,impaled on Rudolph's antlers Still the mayhem not complete,watch the flick if you want more.
Here are the monsters little toys? Once they were little girls and boys Conceived an evil act that left a curse Gods revenge his hideous birth! On this island hidden from man Irma fears they wouldn't understand She keeps him in the cellar locked away But now with mom dead? Humongous is free to play! The boat is wrecked He snaps their necks Bodies to collect? Dog carcass feast A malformed beast Acromegaly In the basement a shrine to ma Corpses swing in this horrible abattoir In the woods Hugh hunts down two On the beach. He runs them through Massive malformed hands pulp Carla's head They try to burn him up. But Eric ends up dead Sandy sets a trap. Disguised as his ma But that old trick wont fool humongous for long? They lit him up A fire walk He cant be stopped His giant eyes His deformed head You'll soon be dead Its loose? Its angry? and its getting hungry?
Into this church to see a man Who knows he could be my dad Sign of the cross i look over and watch him pray He touched my hand and i ran away Who know some bum degenerate wino Hurry up and pick up Pam at the club and lets go! I wake up in the morning to the sound of a drill Foreshadowing my future and my need to kill The bills are piling up and I'm going insane I throw the phone out the window but its the same Nightmares haunt my mind,I think I'm losing it My faggot art dealer wont give me any money, I'm behind on the rent I'm trying to finish this painting, my girlfriend is giving me shit All that anybody wants is money, rivers of blood is what they'll get One night I was watching TV with the girls As usual there's nothing on but shit Then an ad came on for a great new product The amazing belt called the Porto-pak! The band that moved up stairs plays all fucking night! Psychotic fantasies, blood red visions I'm reaching my breaking point I complain to the manager about the noise But he tells me that it doesn't bother him Instead he gives me a skinned rabbit to eat I take a knife and stab it in the head 20 bucks in my hand, I buy the fucking Porto-pak Talking voices in my head killing spree has begun. Use my drill like a gun Cleaning up the street trash, drill 'em in the fucking back! No I'm not a fix-it man My electric drill tears up your guts! Bus stop bum gets ready to die! Swirling metal rips your spine Running through the streets,my drill in hand Randomly killing anyone i can I find this hobo sleeping on a garbage heap I drill into his skull and wake him from his sleep The Buffalo's finished but Dalton fucking hates it Carol gets pissed and calls him a faggot She's finally fed up and goes back to her ex I call Dalton up with the promise of sex Dressed in drag, my drill is long and ready Impaled to the door, Pam is freaking out and screaming Now its Carol's turn to die as I sneak into the house She takes a hot shower as I drill into her spouse Off goes the lights as she climbs into bed She has no fucking clue, but she'll soon be dead Keep asking for Stephen but his corpse is on the floor Now you'll feel my drill you dirty fucking whore!
Death, murder in your head Technicolor gore Spewing images of horror in your brain now watch The screen turn red Cinematically dead Tools of the trade Tearing into teenage flesh is exposed Voluptuous treat, ocular feast For the sleaze ball freak Outside the realms of normality we dwell Celluloid hell is now! What happened to the films of yesterday The 70s and 80s were the golden age Horror films now are a fucking joke! They make me choke! Gone is the blood Gone are the tits Gone is everything that we miss MTV shit is shoved down our goddamn throats! The film makers of today give us no fucking hope! Remakes are the fad Desecrating horror classics CG? what a fucking drag! Save that shit for pixar flicks! Dawn of the dead and TCM are not immune to this lame ass trend Whats next the exorcist? It's safe to say this is the end! These dumb ass kids love this shit They have no idea who Cropsy is Wes craven you bastard! Look what you have done! Last House on the Left to Scream?! There no excuse You should be hung! PG-13 horror is packing the seats This generation sucks! These kids are fucking weak! The hip hop influence Infecting the culture Busta rhymes and Michael Myers?! This shit is fucking torture! Direct to video shit Is almost as bad Crappy Photoshop covers Make me fucking sad! Lack of ideas Regression through technology Will Peter Jackson save us? No we get that lame ass trilogy! The blood is boiling in my veins Its driving me insane The sickening feeling in my guts Spill onto the floor My eyes want more Food for thought Id love to watch them rot from within The terror begins Irrational thought is a means to an end Of this lame bullshit i will not quit Until i bring back the bloodshed! I resort to making my own "films" Fantasy becomes reality They don't want to give me what i need The only way to get what i want is to kill! I'll show them what horror is They don't know what urges lie within They will pay for all that they have destroyed It's coming back What used to be is now!
Headin' for the South-lands Down Texas way Ready for the lightening of the chainsaw blade. Here's your invitation to come join Leatherface Its his addiction to keep you face to face Screaming in the darkness After nailing you down Swinging the hammer No one hears a sound You're just a prisoner in his game of chance Another rivalry for the devils dance. Come across the crossroads Chainsaw running wild Going to the heavens For the final time


released March 6, 2006


all rights reserved



Razorback Records New York, New York

Razorback Records is an underground horror metal label that has been active since 1998.

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