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Fred F.
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Fred F. A real find. Horror-movie themed Death Curse starts in hardcore punk/crossover territory and ends almost alternative/arena rock. A super fun record that deserves repeat listens. Favorite track: Sleepwalker.
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We are excited to bring you the debut CD from Missouri's DEATH CURSE, who play an insane hybrid of pure ‘80s influenced Death/Speed/Punk/Thrash, totally influenced by a diverse group of horror films from the ‘70s and ‘80s! Imagine a mix of Slaughter (Canada), D.R.I., early-Metallica, The Misfits, etc. This is pure horror metal done the Razorback way! Cover artwork was drawn by the amazing Mario Lopez who has drawn covers for other Razorback bands such as Wooden Stake and Lurking Evil!


released May 14, 2015

MrrDrr: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals
Assassin: Guitars, Sampling
Additional musicians: Tony Proffer, Zibrir

Mixed and Mastered by Patrick Bruss
Cover art Mario Lopez



all rights reserved


Razorback Records Henderson, Kentucky

Razorback Records is an underground horror metal label owned & ran by husband and wife Billy and Vanessa Nocera.

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Track Name: Lord of Crystal Lake
Broke down on the road
Miles away from friends
I watch you from the trees
Planning your end

Rusty blade in hand
I start to come your way
You stand there oblivious
On your final day

Committing the crime
of entering my space
Feel the machete
Slicing through your face

Fornicating lovers
Desecrate my ground
Just like all the others
They all let me drown

I must avenge my mother
as she died for me
her untimely death
I cannot unsee

No living human stands before me
I'll put you in a sack and smash you against a tree
Drunkard in the woods
Teenagers on the make
You'll fall before my blade
I'm the lord of Crystal Lake
Track Name: Pocket Full of Zip Ties (and a Rusty Axe)
Pocket full of zip ties and a rusty axe
I'm going out tonight
I've got plans for this little town
Wreaking havoc in the dead of night

No motivation just a random face
I'm not out for revenge
Appetite I've gotta satiate
I crave death and I'm on a binge

Target chosen let the games begin
Moth to a flame
The site of blood and a muffled scream
I never knew their name

Soul departed now an empty shell
Lying dead in the street
Glassing eyes and paling flesh
Just a sack of rotting meat
Track Name: Head Cheese
Hitchhiking in the sun
Stinking of death
Scars on my face
I live right off this road

Sworn to the sledge
They die better that way
Come to my house
The whole family's in meat

My brother makes head cheese
He makes it real good
You say you don't eat it
But I think you should
Try it and you'll like it
I'll cut your fucking throat
Wonderful head cheese
Food for the soul

Picking up roadkill and cutting myself
I love the way it feels
Blood flowing free

I was the killer before the new way
It's a good picture
You can pay me now
Track Name: Pigs
Daddy was a rapist
He had to die
Now I reside in a padded room
With thoughts of escape
Stuck in my mind

A clever disguise
I'll slip right through
None the wiser of my missing
Until it's too late to turn the screw

Headed for farmland now that I'm free
They'll never suspect one such as me

Lonely pig farmer
Not right in the head
Accused of heinous crimes
Stealing the bodies of recently dead

A generous offer
A place to sleep
Not knowing or caring
Of my disturbing plans running so deep

Earthly desires make perfect bait
Blood-soaked passions
Poor bastard wanting a date
Morbid sexuality I draw the line
Feeding the animals I so enjoy
Watching when man becomes swine
Track Name: Trip with Teacher
Pretty girls taking a field trip
In the desert sun
Faulty engine on the brink
Oblivious everyone

Kind stranger you once thought
That you could depend
Middle of nowhere intentions unpure
This could be the end

Held against your will inside the cabin
Your hero lies dead
Plans have changed you will fulfill
My carnal desires instead

In a maniacal trance I watch
As you struggle against the rope
Screams grow louder arousing my lust
There is no hope
Track Name: The Curse of Blood
Shoved onto my knees
Locked in the closet of prayers
Red brick institution
Home of mockery and stares

Sheltered existence
I only wanted to feel a part
Of beauty and kindness
Conditions of the human heart

The curse of blood
Lives inside of me
Gift from god
For my lustful thoughts
Rivers of crimson
Flowing from my soul
Stinking of copper and human sin

Fragile and gun shy
I have only known cruelty
Abused and betrayed
By the one that I love most

My mind takes revenge
I can move the world at will
Showing no mercy
On the playthings that I kill

The curse of blood
Now empowers me
Years of torment
Unleashed upon thee
Charring flesh
No hope for escape
Dying breaths taken
In the place of my tears
Track Name: Sleepwalker
I'm the new guy in your town
Won't you be so kind and show me around
I need a girl with a tender heart
I think that you will fill the part

I'm carving your name in my arm
Don't be afraid you know I mean you no harm
My soul is aged beyond my years
My pain is beyond your tears

The drama on the silver screen
Sets my heart on fire
The seats filled with popcorn
And teenage desire
The love inside your eyes
Filled with foolish dreams
Who will you reach for
When sleepwalking turns to screams

Do you wanna talk on the phone
Or park the car where we can be alone
I'm not like the guys you know
Who talk a big game with nothing to show

I can make you tremble inside
While keeping this secret that I hide
But things like this can never end good
No matter how much you wished they could

Can you feel the danger
The mysterious stranger
He's become your stalker
Your sleepwalker