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The long awaited 3rd full-length album from Brazil's best Death Metal band today! 9 brand new songs of pure horror worshipping splatter gore death FUCKING metal that invokes the spirit of "Severed Survival" and "Horror of the Zombies" while embarking on their own journey into cleverly played horror metal anthems with style and utter HEAVINESS at the same time! This album shows OFFAL at the top of their game, and ready to invade the minds and ears of more people than ever before! A true horror/gore Death Metal masterpiece! Features killer cover art from the legendary Mark Riddick!


released December 4, 2015

Andre Luiz - Vocals
Igor Thomaz - Drums
Jaws Ongaro - Bass
Tersis Zonato - Guitars & Vocals

Executive Production by Billy and Vanessa Nocera
Mixed by Vigilio Milleo and OFFAL
Mastered by Patrick Bruss
Album art by Mark Riddick



all rights reserved


Razorback Records Henderson, Kentucky

Razorback Records is an underground horror metal label owned & ran by husband and wife Billy and Vanessa Nocera.

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Track Name: Repulsive Creepy Crawlers
Lyrics by Andre Luiz
Squirm - 1976

Severe storms and widespread damages
Electric discharge into the muddy ground
Blood-thirst worms screaming and...
That small place would never be the same

A skeleton found and some questions
Could it be the corpse of the antique dealer?
He was seen alive only one day earlier
What could burrow through flesh?


They come from everywhere
Late night brings more terror
A death wave rolls into the town
Starting a flesh-eating rampage

Beneath the shroud of night
They wake and crawl abroad
There's no place to hide
Of the flesh-seeking worm swarm

A grinning skull half buried in their slime
Leers with empty sockets at their tortured writhing
Their endless searching quest
For the soft, pale flesh

Early morning and the beasts were gone
The horrific screams have finally ended?
The living ones won't never forget that
Night of the crawling terror!
Track Name: Splatstick Sleazin' Gutfeast
Lyrics by Andre Luiz
Eles Comem Sua Carne - 1996

Weird redneck cannibal family
Seeking for blood and flesh
A basement of an abattoir?
Vault of horror and madness

A butchers' romance and a question
"Why it's not to easy like kill?"
After deranged murders and tortures
A "honeymoon" at the graveyard!

Party runs on a human barbecue and...
Pure fuckin' slasher bloodbath!
An orgy of splattered limbs and gore
Gut-feasting and necrophiliac fun!

Drive-in cheese pleaser
Baiestorf's cannibal splatstick

- Dedicated to Jorge Timm (1946-2012)
Track Name: Beyond Madness... It's Macabre!
Lyrics by Andre Luiz
Lamberto Bava's Macabre - 1981

A bored mom and an adulterous case
Later in life, her lover is beheaded
Her daughter feels neglected
And drowns her younger brother in the bathtub

A few months later, Jane is back
To the residence of her tryst
The buildings owner, a strange blind man
Becomes concerned about Jane's sinister behavior

A horrific and disgusting discovery
Her dead lover's severed head
That she keeps in the freezer
Jane's horrendous necro-secret

It's not long before a bizarre showdown
Triggered by her younger daughter's decision
To make them a delicious "head soup"
Which brings a violent "three-for-all" between them

A psychotic 12 year old girl
A deranged necrophiliac woman
And her well-meaning blind landlord
Lamberto Bava's '80s Italian horror cult!
Track Name: Heinous Orgy of Rabid Consuming (Dawn of Sadus)
Lyrics by Doc Holocausto
I Drink Your Blood - 1970

Unto sleepy Valley Hills the Devil's hippies have come
Their shepherd, Horace Bones: Capricorn, born of Hell
Through rape and blotter acid do they worship debauchery
But for their heinous deeds, young Petey will have revenge...

With disease-fouled meat pies, into maniacs do they become
But the unspeakable murder-lust spreads through the town
A nightmare of butchery, ready to dismember and decapitate!
Unleashed like a plague, the savage horrors know no end...

Of this rabid orgy of insanity and slaughter.
Drink, sons and daughters of Satan...I Drink Your Blood!
Track Name: Flesh-Grinding Thrills and Bone-Crushing Chills
Lyrics by Andre Luiz
The Corpse-Grinders - 1971

Exploitation sleaze cult
On a pet food company
Mystery and a macabre revelation
The "Corpse Grinding Machine"

The owners need a cheap source of meat
And the local graveyard seems to be the best place

Grave robbing mania
Ground-up meat spilling
Mangled, squeezed and devoured!
Beware of the flesh grinders!

The sight of meaty chunks poured onto a bucket
Another batch is ready to feed the vicious beasts

Cats get a taste for human flesh
Out for blood, they start a killing rampage

Frenzy throat-slashing, blood-curdling trash!
Gruesome bad taste, cheesy low-budget fun!
Track Name: The Hideous Return of Dr. Death
Lyrics by Doc Holocausto
Madhouse - 1974

Paul Toombes: Ill-famed King of the Cinema Macabre
Unto T.V. would he usher Doctor Death's reign of terror
But the cryptic rise of ghastly murders curses his return
And upon whose hands is that spilled blood to be found?

Pitchfork goring, game room hanging, sword impaling
A shackled director crushed beneath Death's own bed
This unspeakable slaughter culled from Toombe's horrors
Utter madness consumes him as that fourth wall falls away...

Horrid dealer of dread is that hideous Doctor Death
Into his face you'll scream as you gasp your last breath!

- Dedicated to Vincent Price (1911-1993)
& also to Peter Cushing (1913-1994) Kings of Horror!
Track Name: By the Head of the Coven's Will
Lyrics by W. Davis
Suspiria - 1977

The slithering, hissing tongues
Whispering in your ear of witches dwelling here
Behind the facade of beauty
The coven's venom leaking through the cracks

The girl that saw the truth that pulsated
Behind the seemingly innocent arts
She was slashed to ribbons and strung from the ceiling
Her mutilated friend lay beneath her cooling corpse

The bodies of their victims
Manipulated with black magic to stalk and kill
The body of the serpent to slither
By the head of the coven's will

Sheathed from sight she evades your eyes
Except for that sudden gleam of light
To stab out the heart of the witch behind it all
To sever the head of the serpent in that final stormy night
Track Name: Radioactive Distillation and Undead Mutation
Lyrics by W. Davis
Redneck Zombies - 1987

Toxic military waste
Splashed into the moonshine mix
A batch of booze for the local rednecks
An alcohol-related sickness

Hillbillies hungry for blood
With stupid campers nearby to offer a fix
Eyeballs sucked from skulls
And entrails smearing the backwater sicks

Deodorant the only way to escape
Being eaten by the dead
But the one survivor may not make it to safety
Before the impregnation by an obese zombie reject

Selling corrupted moonshine
To every manner of hillbilly degenerate
Makes for zombified hordes
Of hungry, cannibalistic Redneck Zombies!!!
Track Name: Behind the Convent Walls (Conjuration Spells)
Lyrics by Andre Luiz
Alucarda - 1978

Teenage orphan girls in a convent
An open casket unleashes a demonic force
And they become possessed by his evil

Lesbian blood-oath and an orgy for the devil
"Resurrection" from a blood-filled coffin
Nunsploitation master sleaze cult