Minstrel of Mourning


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Years before the Japanese band of the same name had formed, there was CHURCH OF MISERY from Illinois/USA, the doom metal band started by Stevo of the legendary horror Death Metal band, IMPETIGO!

In 1993, the band recorded their debut album, "Minstrel of Mourning", but it was never released... until now! Here is the holy grail of Doom Metal albums finally available for the first time ever! This amazing album was rescued from an obscure DAT tape and can now be finally heard after all these years. Features liner notes from the band, old photos, and more... this is an essential album that was way before its time!


released May 1, 2012

All Songs Written and Deranged by:

Stevo St. Vitus: Guitar and Vocals
Brett Fugate: All Percussion
Neil Hardesty: Guitar
Tom Kirk: Bass

Produced by: Stevo St. Vitus for Depressed Productions
Executive Producers: Billy and Vanessa Nocera - Oli Saalfrank



all rights reserved


Razorback Records Henderson, Kentucky

Razorback Records is an underground horror metal label owned & ran by husband and wife Billy and Vanessa Nocera.

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Track Name: Minstrel of Mourning
Lyrics by: Stevo St. Vitus/Jeffrey Roland Brown

Dressed in a shadow, dance between the graves
The first beams of nightfall appear, and pass away
Soft song of sorrow, my ebon bow has played
This new day of Mourning, mother I have made...

Fables into reality, a script for the last to fall
A hymn for those who've passed away,
Song of the Reaper's call...

Sadness...crushing my heart
Madness...now we're apart
Nothing left to do but mourn
Weeping...are you out there??

Weeping...so heavily...
Track Name: Winter of Blood
Lyrics by: Stevo St. Vitus


- Part 1 -
The Ultimate Benediction;
And Beginning of the Final Battle

- Part 2 -
Prisoner of the Black Ones

Frozen amongst the soil
Derelict of misfortune
Eclipse of the Sun
Escape from the veldt of white
In chains, I stumble in vain
The meeting hour of the fate
'Twixt the aeons alight
Awaiting the hour...sired

Blood on the snow, the frosted glow
The calm of eternal sky
Crisp, the sweep, of enchanted sleep
When nature's anger survives the fire...

- Part 3 -
Ambush and Confrontation

Upon the mountainside, we clashed at last
'Til death, the battle raged into the night...
Fulfill my ordained goal, my somber task
To die in honour, (or) return to Earth alive

Blood on the snow, the frosted glow
The calm of eternal sky
Crisp, the sweep, of enchanted sleep
When nature's anger survives the fire...

- Part 4 -
Against Insurmountable Odds
(solo: Hardesty)

- Part 5 -
Fading Strength;
Sorrow and Hopelessness

To rule again the Earth
We'd fight until we end, again...
The night is cold, a hundred years have told
The Sun never begins
The snow imprisons the bodies
Encased in blood and ice
The Equinox occurs, the chill concurs,
But never quite subsides

Blood on the snow, the frosted glow
The calm of eternal sky
Crisp, the sweep, of enchanted sleep
When nature's anger survives the fire...

- Part 6 -
Oath of Defiance; Humility of Defeat

"To be thine enemy, my wish ever still...
To kill thee, my blessing and Destiny's will...
If day ever comes, ne'er shall I run
In chains I wait, for the Sun to save the day..."

- Part 7 -
Death March of the War Prisoners;
Sorrow and Hopelessness
(solo: Stevo St. Vitus)
Track Name: Despair (At the Cemetery Gates)
Lyrics by: Warren D. Slocum

I believe I have expired
I don't remember how I got here
I think I feel something on my flesh...
It must be worms, crawling through my brain...

A shadowed figure, a black silhouette
It must be hovering
In its cloak of darkness, hovering...
Trying to snatch my soul away,
I can feel it tugging at my brain
Feeling the torment of the encrypted
Weaker ever hour, the pull on my mind has shifted...

The entrance to the Underworld
Since I'm dead, are you gonna let me in?
What if I'm stranded here forever,
What if I have to lie here and decay?

Will they ever let me in,
Am I doomed to total damnation?
Doesn't everyone get an equal chance?
At least let me know what I have done
I don't deserve total damnation
Who ever said that death was fair...

Will I ever be reincarnated?
Is this the destiny for which I am fated?

(solo: Hardesty)


So I say again, let me in!!!
Why are you laughing at me??
Don't leave me in this wooden shell!
Don't take me down to the depths of Hell...
Track Name: Old Man Tree
Lyrics by: Stevo St. Vitus

Old Man Tree...Solitary mystery
Ancient Elder of the secret society
Years have passed
You've viewed them all judiciously
Wise are thee, I kneel before you in humility...

In the forest green
The wind blows here so quietly
Dwelling in peace, all revealed for you to see
I can feel you breathe
Alive and here for centuries
Old Man Tree, we're pleading for your sympathy

Old Man Tree... Where the Sun can never see
The quiet anger boiling over furiously
Tell me, tell me the answer, give me the key
Old Man Tree, how can I end your misery?

(solo: Tom Kirk)
(solo: Hardesty)

Silence falls...
On foolish men and their fantasy
See them crawl, crawling for your mercy
Can you forgive us,
Forgive us for what we've done to thee
Darkness falls on our reign of stupidity...