Rotting In Pestilence

by WTN

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released February 4, 2004

Daemon: Vocals
Stoner: Drums
Aboo.b: Bass
Raihan: 7-string and acoustic



all rights reserved


Razorback Records Henderson, Kentucky

Razorback Records is an underground horror metal label owned & ran by husband and wife Billy and Vanessa Nocera.

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Track Name: Coroners Macabre Fleshfeast
Lyrics: Daemon

Decorous Coroners Craving
Decapitated Corpse In Bodybags
Rotting Cranium Fragments
The Mangled Disassembled

Splattered Organic Pulp
Deranged Coroners Laugh With Glee
Nibble Severed Charred Remains
Performing Senile Necromancy

Disintered To Consume
Decaying Torosos Of Dead Remains
Nauseating Putrid Reek
The Demented Pathologist Grins

Festered Corpse They Gnaw And Chew
Pungent Stench Soon Fills The Room
Eviscerate Internal Organs
With Meat Cleavers, Knives And Spoons

Flowing Pus From It's Rectum
It's Foul Fumes I Savour
Gross Excreta Discharged
Disgorged And Dismembered

Macerated Bloated Corpse
Defleshed To My Delight
Grissly Mutilated Debris
Coroners Macabre Fleshfeast

Blistered Duodenum, Phlegm And Bile
Couged Out Clotted Guts
Shrivelled Malignant Liver
Severly Infected Call Bladder
Track Name: Flesh Ripping Torment
Lyrics by: Daemon

Insatiable Demand For Human Organs
Steal The Corpses And The Body Parts

Thoughts Filled With Innate Sickness
Exhuming Corpses From The Graves

Flesh Ripping Torment
Stealing Bodies From The Mortuary
Closed Coffin Funeral Robbery
That's How Helga Lost Her Head

Torn Major Arteries
The Gullet Is Now Smashed
Rib Cage Violently Snapped
Flesh Deteriorated Black
Maggots Crawling In Your Nose
Flesh Ripping Torment
Vacant Coffins Left Ajar

Tearing You Apart
When I'm Done I'll Eat Your Heart
Track Name: Behind Closed Doors
Lyrics by: Daemon

Backed Into The Corner
With Fear In Your Eyes
I'll Re-arrange Your Vital Organs
Your Intestines Are Devine

Hands And Legs Are Tied
Your Body Is Exposed

Aroused By Sick Decay
Your Face Is Torn Away
The Horror Comforts Me
Lust For Blood With No Remorse

Satisfy My Sexual Lust
Masturbating With Your Blood

Thirst For Blood I Can't Deny
I Savour Formaldehyde
The Sickness I Possess
Crave For Mutilated Mess
Track Name: Toetags and Bodybags
Lyrics by: Daemon

Oxford Apartments 2-13
Stench Of Decaying Purulent Meat
A Macabre Scene Unfolds
A Cannnibal Prepares For Supper

Human Skeletons Found In Closets
A Drum Filled With Acid
Defleshed Torsos Of Three Dead Victims
To My Disgust, His Appetite Grows

Sliced And Diced
Blood Splattered Room
Hacked And Bagged
Toetags And Bodybags

Corpse Defleshed
Limbs Detached
Torsos Slashed
What A Sickly Mess

Flesh On Hooks
Rotting Flesh
Choked On Bile
Vomit Breath

Sliced And Diced
Blood Splattered Room
Hacked And Bagged
Toetags and Bodybags
Track Name: Posthumous Revulsions
Lyrics by: Daemon

Collage Of Splatter
Inhale The Putrescent
Festered Putrid Mess
Your Cadaver I Deflesh

Rigor Mortis Soon Sets In
Requiems Of The Decomposed
Maggots Feasts On Organs
The Post Mortem Begins

Incise Opulent Flesh
Morbidity Comforts Me
Intoxicating Fumes
From Discoloured Swelling Flesh

Bubbling Boils, Hydatid Cysts
Tasting Lesions, Scrotums I Kick
Hepatic Adenoma, Internal Haemorrhage
Tumouros Disease, Rupture From With

Scalp Vein Needles, Scissors And Pins
Forceps And Scalpels, Dissected Rotting Stiff

Pathologist Grins
Vermifuge Your Entrails
Autopsies Will Never Be A Bore
I'm Rotten To The Core

I Love Being A Pathologist
Eating Cartilage In The Morgue
Pungent Cacosmia I Endure
Spending Hours In The Morgue
Track Name: House of Necrophilia
Lyrics by: Daemon

I Awake In This Goomy Morning
My Psychotic Lover By My Side
Awoken To Greet The Horror
And The Pleasure I Feel Inside
My Halitosis Breath Reeks Death
And This Unbearrable Aftertaste
Scabs Of Caked Blood
Is Dried Up On My Face

Sinister Deranged Laughter
Echo Throughout The Night
Entrails, Blood And Organs
I Devour With Delight

In The House Of Necrophilia
Late Night Killing Just Took Place
Fermenting Flesh And Organs
Maggots Eats Your Festered Brain
Methane Fill Out Lungs
As We Made Love To This Decay
he Sight Of Mangled Stiff
Splattered In Dissaray

Gargling Bile, Urinal Secretions
My Wife Mounts The Rotting Stiff
She Loves Castrated Genitalia
Thrust Deep Inside Her Clit

Dismembered Limb From Limb
Scalpels Carve Your Hideous Face
Posthumous Viscous Semen
Is Injected In My Veins

Our Morbid Moans And Groans
Sends Shivers Down Your Spine
I'll Bury The Hacked Leftovers
In The Moonlit Cemetary Tonight
Track Name: Embryonic Chronic Mutations
Lyrics by: Daemon

Horrid Cephalic Presentations
Malformed By Complications
Postpartum Brings Parental Grief
Syncephalus Bundle Of Joy?

Nothing Can Ever Prepare You
For Abnormal Dysfunctions That You'll See
You Wish It Was A Stillbirth
It Breathes, But Has Two Bodies

Born With Tirticollis Conditions
Innate Mental Retardation
Major Structural Deformation
Embryonic Chronic Mutations
Track Name: Village of the Damned
Lyrics by: Daemon

Witness The Occult Practices
Of The Lost, Forbidden Race
Uncivilized Vicious Tribe
Hides In Trees Till You Arrive

Trailed And Lured Into The Hive
To The Village Of The Damned
You'll Witness Unseen Horrors
You Won't Live To Tell The Story

They Made Traps Across The Island
No Foreign Travellers Will Survive
Their Bloodhunt's In The Night
Eating Travellers To Remain Alive

Outnumbered And Surrounded
No Guns WIll Do You Good
You Came To Look For Something
In Return, They Found You!!
Hunted, Trapped, Killed, Skinned
Flames Will Rise, It's Time To Feast

Stabbed and Eaten Alive
Rip Your Entrails And Eat Your Eyes
Devouring Your Flesh
Until There's Nothing Left
Track Name: Eye for Pathology
Lyrics by: Daemon

Palpitation And Panphobia
Examining Corpses Is My Art
Studying The Defouled
Alone With A Cepthalomelus Corpse

Let The Dead, Teach The Living
Intrigued By Reasons Why They're Dead
The Marvel Behind The Flesh
In My Mind It's So Complex

Cataleptic Skin Is Chapped
Bileducts Diverged With Pride
With Blood My Theatre Is Drenched
A Human Being It Once Resembles

Only Pathologists Knows My Delight
In This Pestilence I Rejoice
Defunct Carnage Gurgulates
Defiling Members Brings Me Joy

Preserved Bottled Eyeballs
I Collect For All To See
As I Perform My Skilled Incisions
They're Looking Back At Me

I Carve My Latest Masterpiece
Impalpable Handicrafts Of Death
Onlookers From The Shelves
Fleshless Students Observing You

Repulsive Stench Of Crusting Clots
Cadavers Effervescing Rot
Many Hours Through The Autopsy
Bottled Cornea Just Watches You

Let The Undead Study The Dead
For Their Prognose To Record
The Marvel Behind The Flesh
A Cadaver Is So Perplex
Track Name: Excav-eaters in the Graves
Lyrics by: Daemon

Evisceration...Dampened By Secretions
Skilled Incisions...Lacerations
Putrefaction...Maimed With Perfection

Abducting Adrogynous Cadaver
My Tools Explores The Stiff
Purulent Boils Starts To Erupt
As The Decayed Flesh Corrupts

Cerebrum Chunks Stuck To My Teeth
Septic Fluids Flows Down My Lips
An Arduos Task To Dismember
Ricor Mortis, I Break Your Hardened Limbs

Blood Stained Gravestones
I'm Covered With Entrails
In This Loathesome I will Stay
In Pus And Mucous I Will Play

Excav-Eaters In The Graves

Deviant Eaters Of The Flesh
Sucking Custs And Lesions
Deep Down Six Feet Under
Would You Join Me For Supper?

Morbid Lust...I Must Fulfill
Cunnilingus...I Explore Your Festered Clit

I Love The Taste Of Rotting Flesh
Caress Your Maggot Infested Ass
Track Name: Laughter from the Morgue
Lyrics by: Daemon

I Ride In A Hearse, Back To The Morgue
A Look Of Presage In My Eyes
Shrouds And Pall Hides The Hideous Form
I Love To Mangle This Fresh Corpse

I Crave For Scrumptions
Succulent Tumescent Viscera
The Carnage So Callous
Scalpels Lancets And Saws

Bleeding Punctured Tract
In Knee-Chest Postion I Dissect

Baleful Intentions Makes Me Chortle With Rapture
My Fascinations Are Innate
Posthumous Stench Of Molodorous Reek
This Rotting Cadaver I Dilate

Turgid Innards And Indeliable Pus
Abrupt Haemorrhage Brings Me Joy
Sickly Secretions Spills To The Floor
Come Tomorrow Your Family Will Mourn

Deftly As I Defile
This Process I Adore
Plasma Wets My Palate
Extreme Cacosmia I Endure

Eviscerate Hepatic Flexury
No Incision Tools I Need
Lacerated Sigmoid Colon
Pyloric Sphinter Are Ripped

The Defuct I Shall Dispose
Stiff Begins To Decompose
Exremities Are Then Hacked
And Stuffed In Little Bags