The Barrens


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The long awaited 3rd album from the mighty CRYPTICUS is finally here! 12 new songs of eerie, catchy, and horrific Death Metal the way only CRYPTICUS delivers! Intense riffing in the classic Death Metal style mixed with progressive horror synth music that is both original and heavy at the same time. Mastermind Patrick Bruss has crafted a masterpiece of the macabre, and you are all invited to join in on the madness! Included is a CD only bonus track titled “The Breathing Tunnel” that is not available on any other version of the album!


released April 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Razorback Records Henderson, Kentucky

Razorback Records is an underground horror metal label owned & ran by husband and wife Billy and Vanessa Nocera.

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Track Name: Rogues in the Haunt of Horrors
In the maze of dust & lust we're questing in the witch's name
Where the breathing hallways call our names
On sabbath days the bells ring warnings of the coming age of filth & plague
These secret scrolls confirm those claims

Lead Trade-offs: "Pulp Horror Heroes"
by Lascelle/Bruss/Lascelle/Bruss

She said: "When nightfall comes the passage to the dungeon will align,
When the clocktower chimes the 13th time."

Lost men will travel far & crawl through dungeons blind
Burned through the painting's eyes betrayal clouds her mind
Track Name: Late Night Horror Queen
Lead: "The Eyes of Barbara Steele" by Bruss

Cobwebbed moon lights the hall, black cat-shaped shadows crawl
Cathode ray eyes enthralled, she haunts us each & all
Cruel laughter she intones, pale as your sun-bleached bones
Through the glass into your home, creeping to the sounds of Morricone

Many lost live in her fog & she taunts them each along
'Til the night I came to call & trapped her with this song
Before her haunted grave where legends now decay
I'll pass my earthly days forever there, her slave

She calls to me with fever dreams
Her eyes delight in deaths that dance across the screens
She loves the gore, she craves the grave, more blood & guts to fill our plates
More! More! End it all in flames...

Melody: "Movie Macabre" by Bruss
Track Name: Together Towards Terror
Back from the Plateau Of Leng
To extinguish once again the laughter of the sane
Breeding, morbid monsters procreate
No overtures of faith will forestall what awaits

They've heard your remarks mocking those who fear the dark
But though you fein disdain, your tone betrays a question mark
Strange & frightful forms seek to be known
Dark things beyond the ken of men
Trust me, we're not alone!

As I write these words I feel their presence more & more, I sense their shadows gather at my door
Death means naught to those who sought & paid the price to learn
And gained unholy knowledge in return

Lead: "The Unreliable Narrator" by Bruss

Haunted, I pray to see the dawn
Encroaching madness seems foregone
This tale I tried to tell will now be my farewell
I leave you nothing but this song
Two coins to pay Charon...
Track Name: The Wizard of Filth
Melody I: "The Plan" by Bruss

What I am proposing sounds insane, I must confess
We will raid the secret vaults of mad Mortificus
His name means death to those who've sought to cross his path
Their cries died in their throats, their bones now soak in acid vats

"I have a gipsy's map that claims to show his tomb
All his cruel secrets shall be ours to exhume..."

Down & down we dug the ground until we heard a hollow sound

Melody II: "Escape" by Bruss

An entrance to his secret vaults
Strange patterns drawn in lines of salt
My partner turns to me, removes his human mask:

"Abracadaver! The main attraction's here at last!"
Track Name: Ceremonial Surgery
You are invited to return here after dark
As a new member of our cult you'll play a crucial part
Be sure we value your attendance at this rite
But do not venture to reveal what frightful things you'll see tonight

Lead: "Silentium" by Bruss

Now, on with the masquerade,
Don now your masks & robes, make sharp your sacred blades
A victim has been found to serve our ghastly needs
The pain we must inflict, on which The Master feeds

Fear sustains that beastly life
That thing we brought to life by means of sacrifice
The alchemy of blood & steel
To vivisect & slice & peel
Surgery surreal

Lead: "The List of 7" by Bruss

Perhaps you did not comprehend my secret motives to extend your invitation here, my friend
I feel that I may have neglected to reveal you've been selected as the next to be dissected!
Track Name: Necronom IX
The winds of death have blown the ashes from my urn
Nary a glance cast back, my rotted tomb of flesh was burned

Unfolding corridors towards twisting fractal zones
Emerging from their depths, Insectoid Masters chant their eerie tones

Looking back into your world Through ectoplasmic gaze
I see naught but a masquerade In which you're pawns & cogs & slaves
We hate the living, You disgust us with your fears
Deny & lie, oh, how you try,
Come time to die you'll find me waiting here...

Lead: "Ancestral Choirs In the Night" by Bruss
Track Name: Misanthropy Mine
Melody: "The Dark Hills" by Bruss

The wounded fall, dead vines choke & crawl
the Morrigan is being raped
Warlocks surround her castle, bright their spellcraft burns
their silent dead march in decay

We heard the their bolts come raining down
Their sigils burning in the night
Black rain & darkness ate the day

Once dead in the swamp we sink
We seek forgiveness from the slime
Frozen screams become a part of the soil
Broken empires scream Misanthropy Mine

Lead: "Nero's Fiddle" by Bruss
Track Name: Noble Rot
Lead: "Slithering Gods" by Bruss

Beneath the black hills I have found an ancient throne
Built on a sediment of monstrous & acursed bones
Time-eaten trenches, the Rotting Masters' secret keep
Death rattles in those halls tonight, the spectral chamber has been breached

Elder Things in formless sleep dreamt up our history
Dark Overlords failed in their plan to keep us trapped in mystery
Vast secret cellars, titan tombs that time forgot
I drank the wine of Other Gods, I tasted noble rot
Track Name: Grand Guignol Cabaret
Here in the Grand Guignol we lounge amongst decay
An orchestra of ghosts exhale their serenades
Of Byronic darkness, O Such horrors to appraise!

The balcony's reserved for guest from the grave
Mark of the Plague
Escape the Devil's Maze
Grand Guignol Cabaret

Avoid the Master's gaze
Black bones grasp the stake
Her ash will black the stage
Grand Guignol Cabaret

Lead: "A Boutonnière of Viscera" by Bruss
Lead: "No Refunds" by Lascelle

Dead puppets rotting on a stage
Their spectral vapours howl & play
The audience left in disgust
A curtain call for CRYPTICUS

A Grand Guignol Cabaret!

You're all invited to attend
The Grand Guignol Cabaret
Track Name: Song of a Mad Minstrel
"There were vast ungodly tombs where slimy monsters dreamed,
There were clouds like blood-drenched plumes where unborn demons screamed.
There were ages dead to Time, and lands lost out of Space;
There were adders in the slime, and a dim unholy Face.

"Oh, the heart in my breast turned stone, and the brain froze in my skull-
But I won through, I alone, and I poured my chalice full
Of horrors and dooms and spells, black buds and bitter roots-
From the hells beneath the hells, I bring you my deathly fruits."
- R.E.Howard