Dreadful Pleasures


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The debut album from REVOLTING "Dreadful Pleasures" is packed with horror movie worship and slimy lyrics oozing from your speakers!


released January 8, 2009

Revolting Rogga: Guitar and Vocals
Grotesque Tobias: Bass
Mutated Martin: Drums

Recorded August 2008
Written by REVOLTING
Mixed and Mastered by Ronnie Björnström
Cover artwork concept by Billy Nocera
Cover art by Putrid



all rights reserved


Razorback Records Henderson, Kentucky

Razorback Records is an underground horror metal label owned & ran by husband and wife Billy and Vanessa Nocera.

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Track Name: Tenafly Viper
Lyrics by: Elektrokutioner

A tale of drifters, winos,
and a bunch of derelicts
They are soon to meet their fate
and surely it is sick!
The old junkyard is full
of these pathetic lowlife creeps
Stalking around at night,
acting like a bunch of drunk freaks!

They barely felt it
They've all melted!
The drink they choose
That Tenafly Viper booze!

They have lived this long,
but now they're shit out of luck
Because Ed's got some potent wine
that he's selling for just a buck!
One sip is all it takes and flesh oozes right down the drain
All the homeless guys are melting
and the Viper is to blame!

A bum takes a piss
and then the bastards cut off his dick
They toss it all around the place
and one even gives it a kick!
Some of them are melting fast
right down in a commode
Others like the fat wino swell up
and then explode!

They barely felt it
They've all melted
The drink they choose
That Tenafly Viper booze!
Track Name: Terror Has No Shape
Lyrics by: Elektrokutioner

Did it crash down from outer space?
To forever condemn the human race?
A pile of slimy disgusting goo
And it's coming to get you!

A predator organism here to bring you doom
Movie goers will find the theatre their tomb!
It attacks fast, you have no time to think
Your body gets sucked right down the sink!

Invades your body and crushes your head
Like all the others you'll wind up dead!
It's growing bigger each and every day
It must be stopped so find a way!

You can't be saved
Freeze it!
This beast is man made!

Terror Has No Shape!
Terror Has No Shape!
Terror Has No Shape!
Terror Has No Shape!
Track Name: Overtaken by the Crawling
Lyrics by: Elektrokutioner

What harm could come
from a few little bugs?
Wayne County is infested
with millions of slugs!
They breed in the sewers
where there isn't any light
because the whole town
was built on a toxic waste site!

You'll soon cower in terror
at what the slimers have made
No stopping the horde
once their eggs are laid!
They'll chew through your eyes
and on your organs they'll munch
These mutated creatures
will have you for lunch!

They bring a worse smell
than old rotted manure
Beware the crawlers from hell
coming up from the sewer!
Slime trails in your yard
you know something ain't right
You better watch out because these
giant things bite!
Two lovers are victims
as the slugs eat their flesh
Carnivorous parasites
can cause such a mess!

Now it's down underground
with a chemical spray
One blast is all you need
to blow them away!
...but one survives
One always survives...

They will leave your carcass eviscerated!
This whole fucking town is contaminated!

The slugs are calling!
Body parts are falling!
It's quite appalling!
Overtaken by the Crawling!
Track Name: They're Not Human
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera

Scientific experiments backfire
produce horrific mutations
half-man, half-fish creatures
village-terrorizing abominations

They kill all the men
and rape all the women
implanting their seed
with vile green semen

They're not human.
But they hunt human women.
Not for killing...
For mating!

Quickly evolving new life form
Determined to procreate
Piranha-teeth and elongated arms
Your guts clawed out with hate

Genetically advanced amphibian
Grabbing a bare, jiggling breast
With giant exposed brains
They kill and rape the rest!

They're not human.
But they hunt human women.
Not for killing...
For mating!

Humanoids from the Deep are killed
the town is destroyed and torn
But the legacy will continue
as a monster baby is born!
Track Name: Moonshine Mutation
Lyrics by: Elektrokutioner

A Jeep crashes and out falls radioactive slop
Inbred hillbillies find it and waste oozes out from the top!
They decide to make a batch of potent moonshine
It makes them freak out and on your flesh they'll dine!

Now the psycho family are all ready to kill
After they drink a bottle of the toxic green swill!
It tastes like shit but they just keep drinking more
Nearby campers will have their party erupt in gore!

Jethro goes mad,
and Teresa and Sally get killed fast
You knew from the start
that these hikers wouldn't last!
It's not too long before
a third one turns up dead
This time they grab a shovel
and cut off the zombies head!

The undead army is growing larger by the hour
Redneck zombies looking for human flesh to devour!
They discover a defense from this massive zombie clan
It's just a quick spray from a deodorant can!

Moonshine Mutation!
Moonshine Mutation!
Moonshine Mutation!
Moonshine Mutation!
Track Name: Video Vixen
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera

Her brain was warped
at a very early age.
Horror-image avalanche
of gore and blood-rage
She never fit in
with the rest of the pack.
Fright-flick obsession
was her daily crack!

"Mom and Pop" video stores
is where she hung out.
Drooling over poster art
that was hanging about
She always rented more
than she could carry home
She suffered badly with
"B-cinematic syndrome!"

She is the VIDEO VIXEN!
She's out for the kill,
hunting movies in sin
She is the VIDEO VIXEN!
She doesn't care about you,
let the madness begin!

Her obsessions rose
to an all time high
When her sanity snapped
it meant people would die
She started out slowly
killing one at a time
More movies meant more death,
to absurd levels she'd climb!

Her crime spree continued
from midnight to dawn.
Robbing each store,
from out of print to pawn
She blasted everybody away with that 45 from her purse
Bringing mayhem to all and spreading her curse!
Track Name: Brainwaves of Death
Don't watch TV,
it will rot your brain
Brainwaves of death,
are making you insane!
Beware of the lunatic Blake
Insane doctor, nothing but a fake!

A Sinister plan created by the doe
"Independent Thinking"
nothing but a crock!
Brainwashing the masses,
you're under the spell
The Brainwaves of Death,
you're all going to hell!

He's got a giant brain, you'll all be slain
Hungry for your flesh
What a bloody mess!

Killer Brain! - He wants you for his lunch!
Killer Brain! - Your body he will munch!
Killer Brain! - Your skull goes crunch!
Killer Brrraaaaaiiiiinnnnn!

Sent to the lab, A poor troubled teen
He starts hallucinating
Is it just a dream?
A nurse disobeys
"Stop the mind control!"
Devoured by the brain
She's swallowed whole!

Reject the brain. PRepare to hallucinate
Monsters are attacking.
Death is your fate!
Giant slimy brain
with gnashing teeth
Disgusting horror
is beyond your belief!

Escape the Brain. No food for thought
Or in it's belly. You will Rot!

Killer Brain! - He wants you for his lunch!
Killer Brain! - Your body he will munch!
Killer Brain! - Your skull goes crunch!
Killer Brrraaaaaiiiiinnnnn!
Track Name: Sheetar the Bloodqueen
Lyrics by: Elektrokutioner

Good ol' Uncle Anmar
The bastard cops
got him in a violent attack
He's been dead for 20 years now
But his nephews are here
to bring him back!

Slaughter the nude dancers
They have all the body parts
that you desire
Soon there will be a feast
And Sheetar will be summoned up
into the Blood Diner!

Time for the blood buffet
Anmar tells them to get organs
from horny sluts
George chops a girl in half
While Mikey decapitates one
and pulls out her guts!

The followers of Nantut
Are going to turn this virgin girls life tragic
A vessel for evil
An earthly body
for the goddess of black magic!

Sheetar's demons are unleashed
The innocent girl now cries
All hell breaks loose at the party
And now everybody dies!

Mother of a dark new age
A feast fit for a cannibals rage
Vengeance the world has never seen
The wrath of Sheetar the Bloodqueen!
Track Name: Dreadful Pleasures
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera

Down in my wretched dungeon
I discovered a hidden room
horror fanzines, gore comics
and an LP called DeathTomb
The stuff reeked of the dead
and was left there to rot
I spazzed out with excitement
while my eyes turned bloodshot

Decayed shelves on the walls
lined up with old horror tapes
Cobwebbed and faded
with no modern remakes
Outdated issues of Gore Zone
splatter-art and death vocal-shrieks
With all this great stuff
I will be here for weeks!

Horror-filled treasures
are my Dreadful Pleasures!

I am the Revolter
and I live in the past.
Obsessed with old death metal
that's slow, heavy, and fast
I live beneath the crypt
hidden from everything
but my time is coming
Time to prey on the living!

I'm made up of ooze
and melted skin
A bubbling pot of gore
and grotesque within
I'm horror metal's messenger
and I'm here to destroy
My hate is my weapon
Dreadful Pleasures are my joy