Flesh Perversion


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Matthew Toye
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Matthew Toye It's cool to hear another side of the duo from Encoffination. With the addition of Reaper this trio plays straight forward death metal. The old school horror movie samples round out a wicked performance. Favorite track: Festering Embodiment.
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FESTERED is pure "blood and guts" DEATH METAL done the old-school American way! Imagine a mix of Death "Scream Bloody Gore", Autopsy "Mental Funeral", Master from 1985, Slaughter(Canada) "Strappado", and the morbid feeling of the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and you get an idea of what this is all about! Nothing modern here...and no triggers or polished production. This is simply dirty and raw DEATH METAL the way it should always be!

Artwork was drawn by the cult underground artist Drew Elliott, who drew the classic album art for the very first Necrophagia album cover, along with cult EP covers for Goreaphobia, Amorphis, and more! Mixing and mastering once again provided by Patrick Bruss (Impetigo, Cianide, etc). Features the lead singer of Father Befouled!


released November 9, 2009

Ghoat: Vocals
Reaper: Guitar and Bass
Elektrokutioner: Drums

All songs written by Reaper and Elektrokutioner
All lyrics by Ghoat
Recorded February 2009 by Elektrokutioner
Mixed and Mastered August 2009 by Patrick Bruss
Cover art by Drew Elliot



all rights reserved


Razorback Records Henderson, Kentucky

Razorback Records is an underground horror metal label owned & ran by husband and wife Billy and Vanessa Nocera.

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Track Name: Inferno of Bloody Revenge
Lyrics by: Ghoat

Flesh lusting torment
Teenage slaves to crave
Revenge undead anger
For the inferno that destroyed me

Young nude flesh
Dripping wet
Trail of tempting sin
The bloodbath begins

Stalking prey one by one
Blood red glow beneath the sun
Arise night to claim my prize
To become one with my undead
Track Name: Debasement Ritual
Lyrics by: Ghoat

Thats what I like,
Total submission
Four timed whore
Upon your stone bed
Knife to your throat-
Fist to the head
In the woods
Our penthouse suite

I want some more
Your milky skin
Turn after turn
We deliver our sin
We leave you begging
More and more
Left to die on the cabin floor

Our debasement ritual
Now complete
We leave you to die
Your corpse so sweet
If only the retard
Had done his part
You would not come back to
Track Name: Inhuman Devastation
Lyrics by: Ghoat

Alone among the pines
We stalk our prey
To find our kill
For our mother's special day
To show our love
For the young we crave

Impress mother yes we shall
Rape and murder, her eyes well
With tears of joy for her boys
Oh yes-
She is so proud

This ritual takes quite the turn
For our guests, they shall learn
This anxiety and salutation
Soon turns to inhuman devastation

Blood runs down our hallowed halls
This pit we call home
now our boiling cell
You went on vacation and spent
The weekend in HELL
Track Name: Flesh Perversion
Lyrics by: Ghoat

Cased and rabid, we feed our lust
In blood we praise, in flesh we trust
Escape the slavery of our deeds
Enter the agony of our disease

Stalk the streets
Rabid and scared
Taste young flesh
Tender and bare
Destroy our lives
Meat we crave
Holocaust of flesh
our bloodlust depraved

Our mental stay long deceased
Into the public flesh we shall feast
Bodies ripped open to fill our needs
Blood showers of gore and in
Track Name: Festering Embodiment
Lyrics by: Ghoat

Beneath the waves they stalk and crave
Fresh blood to drink upon the waves
Their war long past, yet still they rage
The undead machines of lust, INSANE

The march to death, their ritual of flesh
To feed their lust, to quench their thirst
Upon the altar of war long past
They still march to the

They were once human
Men are now depraved
Their skin has rotted and
Left the grave
Along the white sands they
Long to achieve
The horrors of forever
Track Name: Ascend from Death
Lyrics by: Ghoat

Beneath the heaving earth
Alone and begging for life
Old and entombed in sin
Below from death I soon RISE
Track Name: Undead Infection
Lyrics by: Ghoat

Death descends the midnight sky
Among the swamps waiting to die
Flesh possesion- the ritual of sin
Flesh craving the decorsement begins

Undead craving from above
Meteor crash infecting the souls
All are lusting for blood and gore
All are rotting and craving more
Track Name: Cruciflesh
Lyrics by: Ghoat

Until the hammer drops
You will reek in fear
Until your screaming stops
You will shriek in fear

Altar of flesh and bone
Descend upon our sacred home
Crucified by the meathook priest
Glorify the sacred meat

Nail you to your skeletal throne
Invite you in our hallowed home
The family is kind, a little strange
You will bless and praise our name