Your Worst Nightmare


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The debut album from HORRIFIC "Your Worst Nightmare"


released April 10, 2009

Slasher Dave: all instruments

All music written and recorded by Slasher Dave
All lyrics written by Billy Nocera, except "Abnormal Imagery" (Billy Nocera and Slasher Dave)
Cover artwork by Jeff Zornow



all rights reserved


Razorback Records Henderson, Kentucky

Razorback Records is an underground horror metal label owned & ran by husband and wife Billy and Vanessa Nocera.

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Track Name: Death Rock
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera

An obnoxious group of friends
Travel to an old rotting mansion
Near a deserted graveyard
A perfect place to party!

Demonic riffs, satanic solos
A night of terror and shock!
Hes collecting souls to survive so...
Headbang! To his Death Rock!

Inside the Axe Master lurks
His fingers shred with blazing speed
Heavy riffs all night long
He even hits the witchcraft bong!
Track Name: Brain Drain
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera

Flying sphere of death
Commanded by a dark force

Brain drain!
Sucks out all your blood
Brain drain!
The evil can not die
Brain drain!
Let the funeral begin
Brain drain!
Skulldrill from
Beyond this world

From the hand of the tall man
A creature with no remorse
Track Name: Abnormal Imagery
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera and Slasher Dave

Behold the thrash of the dead
They cause a mental affliction
Weird terror tales from hell
In chilling picto-fiction

Absorb the carnage collages
Abnormal imagery chills your bones
Sniff the rotting yellow stench
Abnormal imagery chills your dead zones!

Left on the newstands to rot
These eerie titles were clearly unwanted
But to retards like us, we blow off the dust
These mags have got to be flaunted!
Track Name: Dead at Midnight
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera

Midnight, the chalice is raised
We gather for glory of the demoncult
Enter the circle of sacrifice
Beyond horror and the occult

From the spoken words
Murderous abominations appear
Teeth ravenously pierce your skin
There is no time to fear cause...

When you're dead at midnight
Your body turns to dust
When you're dead at midnight
Existence ends in misery and disgust

The death book is our law!
We live by the pages within
A tradition of evil forever
We're damned! Let the killing begin!
Track Name: The Ultimate Sacrifix
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera

The dark book opens
And you're sent to hell!
A journey of horrors
Beyond your mortal mind
Pint-sized demons unleash the chaos
With metal and Satan we are aligned!

Read the book-chant the words!
The gate is opened-sacrifice the humans!
Metal shall dominate the world
The ultimate sacrifyx!
Track Name: Metal Cemetery
Fretboard attack, cranked to the max
This axe was made to shred!
Screaming horror fills the graveyard
Tonight we rock the dead

Metal Cemetery

Rotted hands bust through the earth
Horns held fucking high!
Crushing corpses with the sounds
of Hell as angels die!
Track Name: Ride on the Lunatic Side
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera

Let us take you to a world
That no longer exists
Obscure and forgotten stuff
That had guts! And took some risks

We all live in nightmare USA!
Exploitation independents the only way
We never want to leave nightmare USA!
Forever from hear until doomsday!

Take a ride on the lunatic side
With this book inked in gore
Full of ghastly fucking treats
That you'll crave more and more
Track Name: Orgy of the Blood Parasites
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera

Acid kills your internal organs
Gruesome discoveries
And experiments

Increase the sex and violence!
Take it to brand new heights!
Zombie fuck freaks attack!
Orgy of the blood parasites!

Genetically engineered parasites
Spreading through wanton death-lust!
Track Name: Temptress of the Undead
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera

She rides the pentagram
Exhausting unearthly
Spellcaster spreading fear
Through death and incantations

Temptress of the undead
Malevolent force from hell
Temptress of lust and death
Your soul is hers to sell

A deadly devil-dish
In a wicked, deceiving form
Raise the dead she will
In a smoldering blood storm
Track Name: Tales Too Terrible to Tell
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera

Loathsome fanged creatures
Shatter the still night
Wild satanic screams
In the blackness of evil
Rise from the coffin
Dripping rotting flesh
This supernatural hell
With bone-rattling terror!

These are the...
Tales too terrible to tell!
Real horror stalks you
On earth and beyond hell
From the boiling cauldron
To the lower depths you dwell
Tales...Tales too terrible to tell!

Satan's warlock
Will crush you
The skinrippers
Crave your flesh
The swamp devil's rise
From the muck
The ghastly guillotine
Cuts deep
Can you escape-The terror!
Have you Survived-The horror!
Congratulations, creep...
Here is your
Certificate of insanity!