Horror Rises from the Tomb


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Triumph of the dead around the world Abomination of tortured souls Our life ends the death arise We seek the light but the gods are on their side Desolation, hell on Earth Gruesome, bloodfeast of human flesh Devouring humans eating their brains Increasing the army of the living dead Putrid corpses Dismembered entrails Hacked to death No escape New world order of zombies It's the triumph of the dead
Face of the killer Bright of the knife Bloodstained blade Calm in his eyes You're gonna die Psychoslasher criminal Reigning in the dark Psychoslasher criminal Waiting in the park Bleeding to death The victim falls feeling the violence The passion grows Time to pay the price Time to slay Time to die
25th century knight beheaded for witchcraft His (whore) mistress hung from a tree and killed But the curse is put upon them for centuries (Satan and his) demonic hatred will return! Zombies, witches, sacrifices! Black magic, heart ripping, and gore! Aleric de Marnac sends you to your doom Horror, rises from the tomb! Evil laughter and terror Seduction of young women De Marnac and Mistress Mabille Together they seek revenge the blood! Bloody sex and naked boobs! Decapitations and possessions!
Hunting humans in the fullmoon ritual The tribe is craving for flesh The sorcerer drink the coagulated blood The children play with the heads Expeditions had plunged into These dark jungles never to return The tribe of cannibals Around the altar of sacrifices Fullmoon ritual In the jungle
Four female students In the middle of nowhere Trapped in the mountains Stalked by the killer Torso Violencia carnal Slashing young girls The murderer works hard Sadistic fantasy The killer's motivation I corpi presentano trace di violenza carnale Frightened woman Treading through mud In a misty woodland Between life and death
Trying to find the ritual cannibalism Trying to find the savages Attacked by snakes consumed by the fever The bodies fall into lust The tribe The tribe Worship the symbol of the Tupinamba Bloodshed violence and terror in the jungle Fighting to survive Quicksands insects and hungry cannibals The reporters are going to die
Caribbean heat Urge to kill Tropical ceremonies Lesbian chicks The spirits of the jungle put a spell on you Pleasures of the flesh and candomble Erotic days in a quiet village Having lesbian sex and killing men Sadistic love Women and men Morbous feelings Voodoo sex Love goddess of the cannibals Sex and murder in a Carribean island
Brought to life via radiation sickness Voodoo, witchcraft or ancient rites You can see the zombies get up and kill The are everywhere and no one knows why Lack of all intellect and all personality Worm-riddle corpses looking for food A rambling pack of hungry zombies Bringing the fear to your neighborhood Panic striken with terror and grief The dead walk the Earth and feed on the living Frightened survivors losing his minds The dead walk the ruins of the dead city The dead will walk the Earth When there is no more room in hell The dead will rise from their graves When there is no more room in hell The dead will walk the Earth
Stench of death spread in the air Tattered corpses lying in the street Confusion and chaos throughout the city Horrid orgy of insanity No one knows why they came back to life No one knows why they don't want to die Lust for blood desire for flesh In this world of zombie brutality reigns Hordes of death Devouring the world Creatures of hell Wisdom of the gods
The creepy cadavers Are trying to catch you Their nasty jaws Are trying to eat you Blow their heads Chop their heads Destroy their heads Damage their brains Blow it off with a shotgun Chop it off with a chainsaw
Trapped in a jail Tortured again Fear and pain There's no escape Wounded and sore Drowned in gore Dismembered alive Left to die Arms and legs Blood and flesh Cruel sacrifices Food for the tribe Raw meat Roasted in the fire The captives are food Only food Feast of the cannibals Feast of flesh Hot blood... They drink Hot blood... and raw meat
Bloodbath in the third world Infected cadaver craving for flesh Inevitable apocalypse It's a bloody mess Virus Awakening of the dead Bloodbath in the third world The rotten corpses are coming back to life The virus is very contagious The infected don't want to die
Ten grams of cocaine Two hundred beers A savage plan We've got the drugs We've got the music The guns are loaded Ultra zombie mayhem Start shooting at their heads We're the worst nightmare of the living dead Last men alive In a new mission To save the world Drugs and beers Give us power To destroy them all
A new sensation in the underground scene Raw noise that makes your ears bleed Good old times good old bands The golden years for the true grind fans What a great time Back to 91 Grindscene 91 GOne are the days of the seven inches Gone are the days of the demo tapes Disgrace, Xysma, or The Zombified Preachers Carcass and Impetigo were my best teachers
Slaughter in the altar Raped and devoured Slaughter in the altar Devoured by the cannibals
This airplane crashed into the jungle The tribesmen are waiting behind your back They're hungry for flesh You're thirsty and wounded Massacre in dinosaur valley Lost in the depths Of the green inferno You're digging your grave This is your end


released March 11, 2008


all rights reserved



Razorback Records New York, New York

Razorback Records is an underground horror metal label that has been active since 1998.

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