Tomb Coven


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Another Doom Metal masterpiece from the same label that brought you all of the debut albums from Coffins and Hooded Menace! An unbelievable tyrant of revenge seeking songs from the darkest depths! The Swedish triad known as SKELETAL SPECTRE, awakens the dead with their debut full-length album "Tomb Coven"! Heavy, thundering DOOM METAL combined with eerie riffing & accompanied by tormented vocals from beyond the spirit world. These catchy tracks will possess you & leave you wanting more! Listen...if you DARE! Features killer cover painting by Adam Geyer.

From Sweden, comes SKELETAL SPECTRE! Their goal is a simple one; to play crushing horror DOOM METAL mixed with other influences and eerie sounds to come up with something they feel is their own. Do you hear the sound of the spectre? It's coming for you...!


released December 1, 2009

SKELETAL SPECTRE (on this album) is:
Behold the Pentagram: Bass and Vocals
Sacrifice the Virgin: Guitar
Haunting the Beyond: Drums

All music written by BTP (Rogga Johansson)
Lyrics by Billy and Vanessa Nocera
Recorded in the spring of 2009 at Morbid Apparition Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Patrick Bruss
Executive Producers: Billy and Vanessa Nocera
Cover art by Adam Geyer
Cover artwork concept by Vanessa Nocera



all rights reserved


Razorback Records Henderson, Kentucky

Razorback Records is an underground horror metal label owned & ran by husband and wife Billy and Vanessa Nocera.

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Track Name: The Decapitress
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera

From the fog and dreary night
She storms out the gates,
Riding on her steed of death,
She hunts all she hates

With a scythe in her grip
She begins attacking
A whirlwind inferno
Of bloodshed and hacking

On a lightning rod from Hell,
She blazes through the dark
Collecting heads on her belt
The Decapitress makes her mark!

Her killings are legend,
She sends every town into fear,
Where her enemies hide,
She will appear!

On a lightning rod from Hell,
She blazes through the dark
Collecting heads on her belt
The Decapitress makes her mark!
Track Name: Amulet of Impurity
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera

Passed down from ancient time
A relic possessed by the dead,
Horrific nightmares it brings
Agony, suffering, and dread

At midnight you go to sleep
The necklace wraps 'round your throat,
It chokes your life away
Your eyes bulge and bloat

I dare you to wear...
The Amulet of Impurity
You're sentenced to death by
The Amulet of Impurity

A million souls trapped
Inside the locket's domain
If you give in to its evil,
Think of all the power you'll attain!
Track Name: Wrath of Corrupta
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera

Goddess of abominations and alchemy
Demoness from the chasms of sin
Blood-witch into ungodly rituals
Whirlwind of hateful desires and rabid flesh

Into the abyss of her morbid domain
A world of debauchery and ghastliness
She destroyed hell by the will of her soul
A diabolical death-obsessed princess

Taste the pleasures of Corrupta!
Feel the wrath of Corrupta!
Track Name: Burial Ground
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera

The crypt opens at midnight
Ignorant monk unleashes the undead
Wearing faded robes from the past
They've returned to kill and be fed

Shambling and crumbling away
To the ancient monastery they assemble
Gorging themselves on bloody entrails
Your veins pulse with fear as you tremble

The nights of terror are here
Into the burial ground of desecrations
A death-feast for the rotting
Swarming corpse-mass abominations!

Freakish midget with incestuous lust
Tears into Mother's bountiful breast
A flesh-hungry pervert and creep
Cursed and demonically possessed
Track Name: Cursed Ancestry
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera

A lifeline of possession
First daughter of a new generation
Demonic curse forever damned
Glowing eyes filled with hate

Lethal spirit of death
Seducing and murdering
Levitation and hellish power
From the mausoleum you are born

Fanged and snarling breasts
A creature out for blood
Centuries of evil erupt from the tomb
A cursed ancestry of doom

Ghastly gore-Goddess
Killing the ones you love
Terror in the shape of flesh
Supernatural horrors below and above
Track Name: Tomb Coven
Lyrics by: Vanessa Nocera

In the tomb; remains of the dead
Strange chanting emerges from deep within
At the witching hour, blood will be shed
The curse is set and so it begins!

Tomb Coven comes
Full moon, the only light
Tomb Coven is here
Dwelling in the night

They will hunt you and find you anywhere
You can't hide, they will know
Witches in their gossamer gowns
Hunting you down wherever you go

Tomb Coven comes
Full moon, the only light
Tomb Coven is here
Dwelling in the night
Track Name: Eerie Bones
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera

Crawling from chaotic creation
Malevolent memories from the grave
Skin melts away from horrid remains
Food for the maggots who crave
Into the unhallowed ground
Cryptic blood flows through Earth
Zombified and decomposing beings
Gather around for an unholy rebirth

Eerie bones are feeding
Eerie bones are dead
Eerie bones are desecrated
Eerie bones are blood-red

When you listen to dead trees
The old masters cast you out
Fall between the cracks of dirt
Ground trembles from undead fallout