The Terror Threshold


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REVOLTING is proud to unleash their 2nd full-length CD "The Terror Threshold"! This release also includes 8 bonus tracks from the unreleased "Bonesaw Leftovers" MCD, which makes this CD have a total of 17 insane new blood-drenched tracks of Swedish horror Death Metal!
Booklet comes loaded with killer artwork and some of the most horror-obsessed lyrics ever!

Tracks 1-9 "The Terror Threshold"
Tracks 10-17 "Bonesaw Leftovers"


released April 16, 2010

Revolting Rogga: Guitar and Vocals
Grotesque Tobias: Bass
Mutated Martin: Drums

All music written and recorded by: REVOLTING
Recorded at the Rotpit in September 2008
Mixed and Mastered by: Ronnie Björnström
Produced by: Billy and Vanessa Nocera
Cover art: Jeff Zornow
"Bonesaw Leftovers" art: Putrid



all rights reserved


Razorback Records Henderson, Kentucky

Razorback Records is an underground horror metal label owned & ran by husband and wife Billy and Vanessa Nocera.

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Track Name: Gulp the Blood...
Lyrics by: Elektrokutioner

The demonic children are taking over your life
They dig into your chest with an old rusty knife
Heed the deadly warning of a strange old man
And what he tell of the evil backwoods clan
They try to discover what this cult is all about
While the citizens of the town have their innards ripped out
All the sins of the people fuel the cannibal kids rage
But soon all the children will be headed to an early grave

These spoiled kids
Are all so fresh
Now they are slitting throats
And eating flesh
Tear them to pieces!
Bit through their bones!
Gulp the blood!
Gobble the flesh!

Such deadly evil ones barely out of the womb
In no time they go from a playground to a tomb
The pissed off Parents are here to take revenge
Out come the guns and the childrens lives all end
Track Name: The Grip of Death
Lyrics by: Elektrokutioner

A nuclear outbreak, clouds of toxic gas
Contaminated by this atomic blast
The kids are infected and they want a hug
But when they get one, you are crushed like a bug!

They are all over town and the cops are hot on the trails
Watch out for the kids with the black fingernails!
Everyone is burned alive, there's no one left
They are the children with the grip of death!

Them squeezing tight, the last thing you felt
Once they get ahold, your fucking face will melt!
The little bastards roaming through the lands
Only way to stop them, cut off their fucking hands!
Track Name: Grotesque Beyond Belief
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera

Crazed punks attack a family of innocence with a dark past
Hidden secret of deformity!
Murderous creature is out there
Hungering for vengeance
Pursued through the snow
Disfigurement will be your sentence!

There is a fate worse than death
Disfigured for all eternity
Grotesque beyond belief
Agonizing pain with no relief!
Picked off one by one...
but by whom or what?
Your sins will cost you
Facial structure shredded and cut!
Track Name: Heads in the Fridge
Lyrics by: Elektrokutioner

He's had enough of her dreadful meals
Now he'll make sure that his wife's flesh peels
She'd choked and beaten after a deadly fight
Soon her body is what he'll chew and bite!

She just wanted some lovin'
Now her heads in the oven
Heads in the fridge
Arms and legs, too!
Before you know it
He's coming to eat you!

He feasts on her body parts for dinner and lunch
Her skin will dry up and her bones will crunch
Next up is a whore looking for some good times
She doesn't know the extent of his crimes!
Track Name: Harvest the Humans
Lyrics by: Elektrokutioner

A brutal murder will fill everyone with dread
Then a discovery of a rotting human head
A dead is going bad, authorities don't know why
A syndicate of murder will make all these innocents die

The dead will never rest
Harvest the humans
An endless gore quest
Harvest the humans

A disfigured face and psychotic brain
Who won't stop until everyone is slain
Skulls are crushed, putrid filthy gore
They find the killer, but what is next in store?
Track Name: Trigger the Trap
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera

Consumed in a vortex of madness and deceit
You're a molten maniac obsessed with dead meat
Before this night is over, many killings you have sworn
From a chimney of darkness, out of chaos you are born

Cracked ground rumbles
Your intentions you unwrap
To shred flesh from bone
You've to trigger the trap!

Trigger the Trap - Catch them and KILL!
Trigger the Trap - Let their blood spill!
Trigger the Trap - Revenge on your mind!
Trigger the Trap - Leave no traces behind!
Track Name: Bloodthristy Bitches
Lyrics by: Elektrokutioner

The family gathers, all seems at peace
But soon the ladies turn into beasts!
A present arrives, they feel so blessed
As soon as they open it, these bitches are possessed!

Now her voice is so demonic when she talks
Everything was fine until they opened the box!

This birthday is not happy, no hopes or good wishes
Everyone is now dead, because of these bloodthirsty bitches!
Men, women, and children, they feast on them all
A ruthless rampage, when the demons call!
Track Name: Destructive Organism
Lyrics by: Elektrokutioner

It bubbles up from the ground
Like some magical paste
Soon it's an edible treat
More deadly than toxic waste!
Everyone is addicted to this horrifying stuff
Be it day or night, enough is never enough!

It can overcome your mind and take over your body...
And nothing can stop it
From within the Earth, this ooze has risen
This addictive and destructive living organism!

They investigate the source of what's turning people nuts
It gets inside your body and eats right through your guts!
More and more and more, can't keep it on the shelf
A seemingly harmless treat that can move all by itself!
Track Name: Horror Hooker
Lyrics by: Elektrokutioner

Los Angeles has become a crazy murderous place
But now Jack Chandler is on the case
Blood and body parts is all that the cops find
These chainsaw wielding ladies are out of their mind!

Servants of the saw, the blood runs red
Ritual sacrifice, a feast of the dead!

Soon he will stumble onto what these crimes are all about
Human sacrifices to the ancient chainsaw worshiping cult
They take their victims to the temple and hack up their guts
The blade obsessed priest and his slice happy sluts!

Love 'em n' cleave 'em
Chainsaws not an axe
Love 'em n' cleave 'em
Horror Hooker maniacs
Track Name: Gorezone Obsession
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera

My eyeballs drool with delight
Scenes of terror and fright
A world of ugly bliss
Things you don't want to miss
A bloody death on the big screen
An eyeball flies along with a spleen
We're obsessed with carnage
And we will never be cured!

Gorezone obsession, cinematic nightmares from hell
Gorezone obsession, horrors that put you under their spell

The massive spillage excites me
A tidal wave of gore
I can't escape the horror lifestyle
So fuck you and give me more!
Track Name: Vengeance of the Nails
Lyrics by: Elektrokutioner

Bodies found in the woods
A gruesome sight to see
The masked monster has come
To nail you to a tree!
A kill crazy psycho
Is now out for revenge
The sheriff must watch
As another life ends!

A small town under attack, they can't find the source
You beg for mercy as you scream and curse
Just when you thought it couldn't get much worse
Here comes the killer in his old, rundown hearse

Vengeance of the nails!
Vengeance of the nails!
The lunatic never fails!
Vengeance of the nails!
Vengeance of the nails!
Countless victims
Showing up all over town
The deadly monster
They finally track down!
Track Name: Slimetime
Lyrics by: Elektrokutioner

A bachelor pad in the city with such a low rent
Soon to find the atrocities that go on below that apartment!
The Flesh Control book holds the secrets of the slime
Turning Alex into a freak with no remorse for his crimes!
Crazy neighbors give him strange food and toxic drinks
It seems like innocent fun, but it's not what he thinks!
In an alley he sees his face melt and he gasps for breath
Then he grabs a metal rod and bears a bum to death!

A psychic tells his girl that he's involved in morbid things
She doesn't know the terror that the evil elixir brings!
You'd think no harm would come from slime in plastic bowls
But it takes over your bodies and possesses your souls!
He calmly tells his girl just what the slime is all about
So she stabs him with a knife and his organs spill out!
Then she cuts off all his limbs and chops off his head!
The brain tries to escape, this mutant fucker still ain't dead!!!

Slimetime! Slimetime!
You'll never get away!
Slimetime! Slimetime!
Zachory has come out to play!
Track Name: Grizzly Aftermath
Lyrics by: Billy Nocera

It emerges from the woods
Searching for a tasty treat
Two thousand pounds of force,
It salivates for fresh meat!
Campers, rangers, and hunters
Can't stop the violent attacks
It's much stronger than imagined
No time to breathe or relax

It's a Grizzly Aftermath!
18 feet of terror and wrath!
It's a Grizzly Aftermath!
A human-eating bloodbath!
A towering fury of rage
Your flesh it tears and gnaws,
It shreds your face and guts,
With its enlarged death-jaws!
Track Name: Welcome to the Shredshed
Lyrics by: Elektrokutioner

The rumble of purgatory
My axes of destruction
Carnage in the name of metal
Grinding your soul to Hell!
Skeletons in my yard
My barn of butchery
Amps and dismemberment
Horror-Metal as it's meant to be!

The deathtank is here to crush your hopes and dreams
Now cover up your ears from the wails of the scream queens
Welcome to the shredshed!

Look around
All you see
Horror zombies
Set to feast!
The decay
Rancid smell
Creatures crawling
Back to Hell!
Welcome to the shredshed
Where your nightmares come true!
Track Name: Bonesaw Leftovers
Lyrics by: Silvester the Goregnome

From deep in the forest rises an eerie scream
The rusty hacksaw cuts into live human beings
Lumberjacks from hell have caught their prey
My dear camper, you are here to stay
Dismember, dissect, saw, and hack
Scream for mercy you won't get
Cry, yell, beg, and quiver
Going to saw into your damn liver

Bonesaw leftovers, none to waste
Put in a doggy bag for Grandpa Dave
Sadistic killer, mutant freaks
Happy campers their source for prime meat
Bonesaw leftovers, pieces of bloody meat
The best parts are saved to enjoy at tonight's feast!
Track Name: Skull Scavengers
Lyrics by: Elektrokutioner

It crashes down from space
An otherworldly spawn
It won't ever give up
Until all mankind is gone!
Freeze-dried humans
Suspended animation
An evil plan
To enslave the nation!

Guns and flamethrowers
They've come to ravage her
Burn them all
The Skull Scavengers!

Headless bodies found
After an escape from the lab
But not long ago
The dead rose from the mortuary slab!
Coming back to life with an axe in hand
Now slugs are crawling all across the land!